Friday, December 22, 2006


here is the Belen or nativity here in alhaurín this year, i tried to take a photo of a very special bit and bit is the word! lol... its not in this shot as it didnt come out very clearly, and however much i zoomed in, it only got worse!

the er.... bit is a chap on the top of the hill, to the right of that camal, on the right there, he is from the front just crouched down and peering over the view beneath, but and here is the butt from this side of it, he is er well... going to the toilet up there by the bushes! and i dont mean taking a pee!

and there it all is chrystal clear in fact in all of its glory!!!

today we went down into work for the raffle draw, only few of us in and only one customer in the shop too! a saturday girl won... we think!

now the flight back here, as aformentioned, our seats were row 10 seats E and F, and i could see quite quickly someone was already in one of the seats, a stewardess was there as we approached and i said that someone was in our seats and she asked the women to vacate! but the women said she wanted to sit near her dad, her seat was in the row infront, she said he was disabled and needed her next to him, so i said, well if you sit next to him one of us can still have our seat and i will sit in your (her) seat, but she said no, she didnt want to actually sit next to him! just near!?! so people were trying to sit down the stewardess said for us to sit a bit further up for now, we did, till those seats were needed which of course they were, so i just went all the way up to the back of the plane to wait, and see if my sence of humor was up there, although i didnt show it, it really wasnt funny, i had even said, well this is my mom and i want to sit next to her too! apparently they had missed the flight from the day before, (so?) and as i said to mom, they only to get to luton airport early on to get two seats together like we did..... didnt they?

anyway, we ended up at the back of the plane, and very comfortable we were too!

this was as bad as my bus trip of the coast the other month wasnt it, not getting in my own seat, it would have been very well if we had pre booked the seats, i would have demanded that extra money back, or my seat of course!

yesterday i had lost the presents i brought back with me from england, all afternoon i searched and searched, i thought either father christmas had come and taken them till the right time, or a troll in the cave had pinched them! when franco came home i asked if he had seen them, and he remembered seeing a bag somewhere... he said there was one in the bathroom, and i said thats moms toiletries, there was a space there for them, and i had seen a bag and tied a knot in it to stop pippa taking anything out of it, then later on mom said she hadnt used that space because there was already a bag there! ah ha! our presents... thank goodness for that, i was getting a bit worried!

our neighbor gave us two huge bags of oranges and one of lemons the other day, so we're making the most of them, they are a little bitter now, the late pickings make better marmalade than juice, but thats not a plan of action for me i dont think! dont have a pot big enough!

When we putt off the harvest, the fruit rots,
but when we put off our problems
they keep on growing.


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