Thursday, December 07, 2006


can you believe our dog? look at the little rascal, this morning this is where she got herself stuck, well and truly! the shot above i took from below by our back door and looking up, the one below i stood on our roof terrace to take...

she was stuck, bits of rock were falling down onto the two flights of stairs and the sky light below and she was all shivery.... my poor baby, again! so i had to climb up onto the wall and climb down a slope and try to reach her, which i couldnt and no way could i climb to where she was, just short of the railings above, so i got back down and went down into the kitchen and came back up with......... food! i knew that would do the trick, she managed to get back over, but was too nervous to get back down an almost vertical climb she had had no trouble getting up, so it was back up for me and slithering and sliding down the wall bit and i reached up, grabbed her by the harness, which i thankfully had left on after the walk, and i just swung her back and over and hung onto her till we reached the terrace again! so now we cant leave her up there alone now! what to do? dont want to tie her up up there... and not exactly the time of the year to spend hours up there while she runs around!

thursday already! whats happened to the week, i am off soon for a few days, to see my friends baby.... not actually born yet! and bring mom back home with me.

yesterday and tomorrow are big festivals here, the 8th immaculate conception

only the bars and restaurants will be open for business tomorrow, not everything was open today and all the schools closed tuesday for the rest of the week.

work on monday was busy, tuesday just the norm, down to town coffee with friends, and today the same, although i had a list as long as my arm and still couldnt complete a couple of errands, a friend wants me to bring back a particular after shave, on the net i have seen it for only 29 pounds, and i think here its going to be about 70€ minimum about 42 pounds! but he is taking mom and i to the airport very early when we come home so will be his gift for that, just still seems an enormous amount to pay more than back in the uk! he thinks its cheaper here you see!

we have the new heater back up on the wall now, thicker cable and NO extension cables involved whatsoever.... OK!!! heater in the bathroom too, oh the bliss... guys just dont appreciate what is all about shaving your legs in the freezing cold do they? my poor legs looked like they had been massacred before! lovely!

head ok this week... thank you, but seem to have now got a hip problem, a totally new thing going on, and not my fibromyalgia, i am sure its not, its totally different, hurts when i lift my right leg either up stairs or just a steep hill (lots of these here in alhaurìn) and when i have been sitting walking standing... is there any hope for me.... at all?!

past hope i hear y'all shouting at me.... quietly please!

When there is no turning back,
then we should concern ourselves only
with the best way of going forward...



forget me not said...

Pippa must have thought she was Super Pippa! All she needed was a little superhero cape (or maybe you needed one!)

forget me not said...

Have you checked out honora's blog in the past couple of days? Super pippa is there!