Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feliz Año Nuevo

ahm... just took this photo a moment ago and it hasnt quite come out as i hoped, sun in my eyes, pippa trying to see whats going on in the street below and franco trying to get a shot through the full washing line!

and on the paper it says feliz año nuevo and happy year... to you all that is!

beautiful day again today as it has been for the last 4 days now, its hot in the sun, well about 19 to 20C, slight breeze, wonderful, its colder in the house of course, but not too bad, we are having a bit of trouble with damp in our bedroom so have borrowed maria's de humidifier to get rid of it, its horrible and smelly and feels so ... well damp!

this photo i took on our way home from mercadona last week, can you see the foot hanging out? its not pippa's... its jamon, or spanish ham if you like, a whole leg of it, wonderful stuff, absolute tummy bliss! we just need a knife sharpe enough to carve it! franco nearly sliced of a finger the other day... and franco, down on the coast working in this sun, his face is so brown again, you can see the little white lines where he is screwing up his face against the brightness of it!

Have a wonderful new year folks, here's to 2007, may it be full of life and joy and peace and harmony for us all eh!



forget me not said...

Buon anno to you too Marian. I really did think that leg of jamon was pippa's! We're having warmer than usual weather too, but not quite as nice as yours. I really wish you and Franco a wonderful, prosperous and peaceful new year!

Marian said...

thank you FMN, and we wish the same for you and your family too. here`s to 2007!