Friday, December 01, 2006

tuesday lunch was good, not as many as last time i dont think quite, and our next date for two months time is all set now! mates birthday yesterday, so we used the lunch to help celebrate her day with her, she even got a candle in her chocolate gateau!

wednesday - migrane, no more to say really, i did get up and walk pippa, but soon realised it was a no go... so back to bed and i got up thursday morning, feeling still very weird and wobbley and all confused as usual after a really bad migrane, cant believe i had one after the last two weeks of head aches to top it off with a real bad one! and halluciations or what! thats one of the worst things the really weird scary stuff that goes on in your mind when the pain is so bad...

anyway, today, friday i am back to 'normal' lol

i did go to town yesterday, and again today, only today i took my brain with me, well mostly, still forgot to get something i especially went down for, but never mind!

last night franco came home with a piece of furniture... so today i have moved and shifted things about, the main piece is still down stairs i havent tried to move that, but it will be good when its in place in our bedroom, although i have moved my wardrobe out, and into the back bedroom, thats the only trouble with living in a dolls house, there just is no room for things we have no storage space at all, not even a loft/attic, nada de nada de nada!

got pippa a new collar today, her old one is out of date for keeping those little ticks away, this is so strong she keeps running away from it! she is so daft she doesnt realise the smell is round her neck, my poor little baby, she sits somewhere for just a moment then runs off! hopefully it will lesson as the day goes by, and i'm sure she will sleep well tonight as she hasnt stopped all day so far!

when we went out this morning i wondered at the fact we havent been hit by a car yet round these streets, the up hill street we walk down has many trucks going up it at that time, and lots of people not necessarily in a hurry but just doing what they do, its a little known fact, and not well documented, but to over take another car, at anytime, for any reason, is fine! even like the one this morning, tearing up the hill over taking cars even though a car was pulling out of a turn into his path, and therefore a junction, and just before a cross roads also! still hey, there are lots of other items not in this highway code, that are just a day to day experience for those of us who learnt to drive in england! you know there... we are not allowed to park on or near to a junction, on or near a crossing, on or near a roundabout! but here? hey!! no problema! or en español no hay problema!

my friends baby is due any day now.... and i am so excited, feel like i am going to be an auntie, i am to my niece and nephew over in the states of course, but i have missed so much of their lives, so so far away... today though i felt like every other store i passed was a baby wear shop! so many here in alhaurín.... i cant wait! i will see her soon...

The great blessing of life is the existence of tomorrow's -
and having dreams to realise.


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