Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hello folks, am back from england by the way, back since thursday last week, my few days away were not without problems! migrane of course! goes without saying does it not! and on the day that should have been up in aylesbury meeting up with everyone, but well there we go, never mind eh, nothing can be done now, or then!

sarah and darrens baby was also not on time! huh! due on the 4th and born a beautiful healthy boy on the 15th, er yes that is correct, after i got back home!

and our trip up to barry in nottingham also went well... NOT! we left home at 930 due to arrive with barry about 11! but no, accident on the M1 at our first junction, so took over an hour to travel that short distance and we had to get off the motorway, they had closed it, now they do all the CSI stuff, and we took various twists and turns and got back on the motorway and off again up north! cant remember what time we got there, was nearly two hours later than we thought though! then it was up into town, took the tram which was really nice, not been in one since san francisco a few years ago with my brother, the day was bright and cold and frosty back down south but up there it was slightly milder, but pooring with rain!

we dashed from store to store trying to keep in the shelter, got a few things and off to eat!
of course by then it was late, back to baz's and off, there was something going on in a gas station on our way out, we were just telling tony's girlfriend about how nottingham has a bad reputation as one of the most crime ridden cities in the uk, and there it was.... a gas station surrounded by police and lots of stuff going on! then it was back down south.... phew! spent the night at some very good friends, well more family really, so that was lovely, hadnt spent quality time with them for far far too long.... thank you 'mom' , i am very very lucky to have this extra mom and dad in my life.

these photos were taken in milton keynes where steph and i went on the wednesday, day before i was winging my way back home... the theme, as you can was peter pan, was really good, they always put on a good show there at christmas time, we were there a couple of hours, then back to aylesbury, lunch, few shops, fly by at lisa's workplace, then steph dropped me off at sarah's, few tears, well me, hadnt seen steph for nearly a year, couldnt believe, friend down in surrey never made it up on the day i had my headache!?! and didnt see another good friend in hemel, she had a cold and my head again! why did i go for such a short time? remind me someone please?

today while walking pippa we witnessed a dog being hit by a car, was awful, saw similar thing when i was 17, so hope enough is enough already! the dog went flying and did get up and run, but however injured they are they do dont they, run till they cant run anymore, his owner went off down the street after him, i hope he is ok.

work was busy enough on monday, christmassy with our cd playing, and we were in a festive mood, one of us brought in cream cakes! and our supervisor brought in a bottle of cava, so that went down well at the end of the day, thank you very much J.

mom and i went to la cañada, shopping centre near marbella, all the beautiful decorations up, mom bought some pants(trousers!!) from C&A! now C&A is a store name that closed its doors many years ago back in england, but seems to have popped up here now, how weird is that!

ok better go, still having pains in the legs etc.... what a pain i am, i know i should actually go and see a doctor now, gone beyond a joke, limping up hill and looking about 110 when i get up from sitting down!

remind me tell you about the flight back next time...

Courage. By beginning the journey with that word
and continuing with faith in God,
you will arrive wherever you need to arrive,


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a pretty good time, Marian. :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours.