Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dia de Jesus, 14.00 june 16th 2007

here are some pictures i took only 15 minutes ago more or less, its 1410 now...

there is a small video too, just wish there was sound with it, they sound fantastic the music is stiring marching band... makes you want to join in!

i didnt get quick enough to see, but first came the young children, with a long long piece of purple cloth held between them all, all chanting and laughing...

then came a little older, the cloth also purple was so long you could not see both the bigining and the end from our house!



Anonymous said...

I`m sure that parade was to do with Flep & ? wedding march, off to Turkey today (sun) will give you both a call when we get back

forget me not said...

Where were all those soldiers going, and what do they have to do with dia de jesus??
What's the weather like there? Hot as last year?