Saturday, June 09, 2007

saturday today and mercadona man, as usual bright and early this morning, and as usual i went to the store afterwards to get a few things that i forgot to put on the order! nothing to heavy at least, i must get one of those trolleys eh! mom did buy me one when we moved in here, but its well, not sure how to put it, its not exactly trendy and i am far far too young to be pulling that up the street! I am!

when we were last in ronda i saw some very fashionable trolley things, so i think next trip there i will buying one of those!

hey look what i found, that one up there.... ok thats sorted!

just remember youve seen the old one, remember the photo of the jamon sticking out the top at christmas?

anyway today... stopped for coffee with friends one way down in bar timon, then to supermarket and into to see friend in shop, long chat and hello's to everyone who came in, no buddy about, she and her husband must be up later, then on my way back same couple from earlier outside different bar so stopped again and had a tinto verano.... very nice in this warm weather...

we 'lost' our phone line this week, tuesday i think it was, so paid the bill on thursday morning(!) tried on wednesday, but of course, you may not pay your bills on a wednesday! but anyway we got back on line in the afternoon, amazing, some people say it can take days, and the internet came straight back too!

tuesday night when we were off to bed the water went.... nothing to do with us, this time! and i heard the cistern refilling around about one am, then i could still hear water.... i listened to it for ages, probably about an hour or more, franco slept through of course, eventually i went up onto the terrace and found franco had left the tap on up there! so we had a bit of a swimming pool on the roof, and i got soaking! of course it had sounded so loud because of the camera with mic that we have on now all night, checking out the back wall etc... it sounded like a waterfall!

i got kind of conned in the shop the other day, friend had to go out so i looked after the place for her for the morning and a woman came in with some books, friend takes books in and sell on, big market here for second hand books as they are so expensive here new, ten to fifteen euro for a paperback book.... anyway, this 'lady' says that the other lady gives a euro for a book... i said i know she gives 50c, so if she wanted to come back later that would be best, she said no she didnt want to, so i said ok i will give you 50c per book and then if the owner wants to she can!! give the rest next visit.... so ok!

then she comes back with husband who goes off about how expensive the books were and we sell them for more well yes 3.50€ rather than 2.50€.... so i said ok ok, give me your name so i can tell owner i have given 3€ of her money to you!

they left and the books.... one a year old but very very well read by who knows how many people, the second 7 years old and pretty rough, the 3rd and final book was an ex library book from ten years ago!

franco has started his blog again, so will get that sorted out on here for the link, he does not hold back on his views of things that go on around here, so remember that please!

Life always waits for a crisis to occur
before revealing itself at its most brilliant



forget me not said...

Wow, Franco has a blog, too? I can imagine you'll have to book your times to post!

Any news about the golf course job?

you've got to take a picture of Mercadona man! I've never been so curious to see a person I've read about!

Marian said...

FMN... franco used to blog ages ago, i think back in 2005 when i first started, but then he just kinda went quiet on it.

i think he got out of his system all the things that annoyed him about the people here who take what they can at any cost, work wise and friend wise.

but now he is back... on a new trial of those same types!

a friend of mine is having an artical printed in a local mag next month about a similar subject i will have a link to that forsure.