Monday, June 25, 2007


sorry... will write more tomorrow, but above and those below are photos of teba, we took them yesterday on a journey we made looking for caves.... yes i know we have our own in the house, but for some reason franco felt the need for more! bless him!

this castle was atop a very high mountian, we walked up from the street below, only realising when we reached the top we could have driven up! oh well, good exercise, i know because i am still aching from it tonight!

also, inside were a lot of stairs.... down and up, i think in most places this castle would not have been given access too, the celler beneath was open and creepy, the first landing had a couple of rooms that seemed safe enough, the next level up the floors had been replaced with wooden floorboards of which some had been knocked through, maybe when someone walked on them! then i went up onto the roof! yes silly i know it was fairly windy up there but there was no sides to the roof, just one big flat area! and the stairs were close to the edge! i had to get tony to hold out his arm for me take so i could safely get onto the first step down!

anyway more manaña....

movies waiting to watch, we have no sky telly, 4th day...... arh!


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