Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ugh! i have just found out where all these little black flys are coming from! we have this bucket out by the back door for food waste, for the worms, and franco has maybe not emptied it yet! i knocked the lid by mistake earlier and a swarm of flys escaped the dark moving interior! its alive!

yesterday we had ´ladies that lunch´date, i met up with mate after work and helped her books some flights for her husband and grand daughter, we then had a coffee in bar rosa in centre of town, we go there a lot and know the waitresses, one in perticular we always have a good banter with, well she gave me such a great compliment.... not verbal, more in the sense of trust, she asked me if i would put some money in her bank account for her as she couldnt leave work before it closed, not a few euros either, all those spanish there, and she asked me! of course i was happy to help and left feeling more of an alhaurina... (resident of alhaurín).

then when i got home they have put a huge spot light thing attached to our balcon for the parade thats on this week, for 'dia de jesus'

i think that is the right link i put on the above.

pippa must have gone crazy with the ladders and some fellas up on the balcon and fixing that on there! she never even told me it was there! i noticed the black strips outside the house, but it wasnt till later i saw the light fixed on and the roll of black electric cable.... with the plug for us to plug it in when the time is right.... but when is the time right? we dont know what time of what day they are coming down our street! i guess when the other lights are turned on eh, as long as no one is waiting for our que!

we're thinking of putting a web cam of our street on here, not sure how yet, or even when, but that would be good wouldnt it, because of course you will all want to see the comings and goings or the locals round about.... hahahaha :-)

the old gals pouring their buckets of water down the drains (oh and me too), the infrequent post man on his scooter, dog walkers, old boys strolling down to the local plaza for a brandy and talk, the parades... jesus carried high by 100 men, and the easter parade in all its glory, actually even i would like to see all this from a web cam! oh and hey i have just remembered girls... mercadona man too!

When someone wants something then they should
be aware that they are taking a risk.
This is precisely what makes life interesting.


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