Tuesday, September 04, 2007

el bebé a bordo

view from the bp garage at the moreno roundabout at the top of alhaurín el grande, see the roads begining to appear where the diggers have begun their destructive work...

and this little chap i took the photo of at the garden centre on the road down to fuengirola, there are quite a few of these and lots of ducks in a beautiful pond with a waterfall...

this a view of olvera taken from the church at the top of the town, i thought alhaurín was steep, its got nothing on this hillside town, i dont think there exists a street thats flat anywhere is the old section at least!

i wonder if i have already put these photos on my blog, i must get some new ones, every day i think to take photos but always feel a bit of a tourist when i get my camera out!

in the shop today... the paper man brought sundays papers...

and in town... a girl had a baby, yes literally... poor young girl had a baby and they were still attached when the ambulance came!

the words above bebé a bordo... i used to have in our car in england, you know something i brought back from my holidays here when i had to go back... i was going to write bebe abordo, but thought i better check that out first, glad i did, instead of saying "baby aboard" which i wanted i would have said... "it drinks i undertake"... how close the words how different the meaning.

and today i had felt i was doing so well with mi español, one couple in the shop hearing me speak to the previous spanish customer thought i was spanish!

Emotions are wild horses...


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