Monday, January 11, 2010

.... well that was Thursday already four days ago, visited Mom in hospital a few times already, the first time was a great shock, she had had renal failure, i could hardly recognise her the first visit, in a ward with 5 others, she was cold and shivery, covered in a strange contraption that blew warm air over her to warm her through... she also had an x ray.

the x ray was to check her lungs, all ok there, also now the awful tubes in her hands are gone, and she is now in a side room on her own, a room they can heat to bursting point, she says she is just so cold all the time. today i bought her four thermal skull caps, she is complaining of having a cold head and she puts a towel over her head and the staff keep taking it way!

she is eating a little, very little, but a little more than she was which is better than nothing.

taken is lots of nice smelly stuff, Body Shop body lotion, took in one, bought another afterwards to take in tomorrow, face creams etc, and tasty drinks, she now has to flush through as much fluids as she can, and hates water with a passion!

had, at last, a good chat with her doctor today which helped a lot, they are hoping to get her up and walking a bit middle of next week, seems a long time.

a mate drove me in today, i bus'd to her house and then we went from there, the bus ride through Berkhamsted common was beautiful, the Castle and the common on the way to Potten End, all the beautiful snow, so much still un touched by human feet, everything we passed was picture perfect, wish i could bottle it and look at it over again and again...

now since last Thursday after i blogged...? well visit to Mom with Tony, or should i say i went with Tony as he was driving, through the snow and ice! we walked to the shops near the hospital and the paths were like ice rinks, i was holding onto Tony, don't know who was holding him up!!

and Friday after Thursday tiredness i slept too long this night and had a bad head all day Friday!
i did manage to giggle though all day at what i had done in the morning, which was threw out the remains of pizza onto the back garden... a garden maybe 6 to 8 inches deep in snow... the pizza therefore sinking down into it! DOH!!! i could see where it had fell, and so did the birds who had come out of hiding when i opened the door and broke up the pizza! it wasn't till Sunday when we had a bit of thaw and a feeding frenzy had taken place where the pizza had been kept chilling for two days! where the pizza had been were dozens of tiny birds feet impressions, still on snow, but a little less now....

we walked to Morrisons along the same path i took on Thursday, the old railway line, still snowy and still beautiful, and when we came out of the store... it was snowing again!

after lunch and watching a movie Kate and Tony brought me to Moms, i got the place all sorted out, all washing done, all lovely fresh and clean, hopefully she can come home, maybe have palliative care here...

i have eaten my way through almost another bar of chocolate i only bought this evening! its not as big as the one i got Thursday which took 3 days... but that's no excuse really is it, i think tomorrow i don't buy chocolate? what do you say??



Time for a change said...

You keep talking about all these beautiful scenes, why no pictures? And that last comment is ridiculous!!! ALWAYS buy chocolate!!

Marian said...

Tim.. i would look so like a tourist taking photos! but yes true, well maybe i will try to walk up there??? and yes ridiculous comment! no chocolate... as if!!!!x