Saturday, January 16, 2010

Was better day today, less wet! met Mom's friend at her place and we walked to bus stop and onto the 500 when it came, bit late, and was drizzling by then, had been pouring in the morning... long ride to Watford and then into a cab to hospital.... Mom was so pleased to see her mate, not seen her since last year!!!

Mom was as yesterday, has some strange tales to tell of raining coming in through from the ceiling! and small mice??? i wonder, well i hope, its the drugs! although before she went into hospital apparently she told her friend the doctor had prescribed cocaine!!! it was actually morphine! she is having lots of weird dreams i think!

Iris and i got a cab back to the town centre... and got caught! i gave the driver Iris's £10.00 note, who then said did i have any change? i looked and gave him a £5 note and 50p... he gave me £5.00 change?? which i gave to Iris... so we gave him £15.50 and we got a fiver change! the fare was £5.30 by the way!

the ride home took longer too, we got back to Northchurch at 5:30, bus ride home was an hour and 3/4 !!! so i got fish n' chips, which when i got home with couldn't eat much off, felt a bit queasy... what an awful waste of money.

my Aunt Rita in New York sent Mom card on the 13th which arrived today, 3 days only! Iris sent a card to Mom in Watford, over a week ago, not arrived yet!

the card had a beautiful gift in side... a card with a key ring fob of St Anthony of Padua, Mom and i were in Padua a few years back, there were short prayers for "thirteen tuesdays" in the card, and a Novena Prayer to St Anthony... Mom was so pleased... we were amazed the card arrived so quickly, until we opened to find what was within... i have it here with me, i think i might carry with me till Mom gets home...

ok, time to relax now, its nearly 7pm already!

TTFN amgios

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