Saturday, January 23, 2010

today some shots Barry took while he was over with us on holidays for christmas... above Malaga airport while we were waiting for Franco to come and pick us up, at this point Baz was thinking of returning back to the UK, where it wasn't raining... but snowing instead! maybe a lighter option?

here a strange looking snail.. we thought a one off, but as there were two, we guessed there would be thousands somewhere else! this little chap was crossing our small street, we hoped there wouldn't be any cars for a considerable amount of time!!!

a wonderful shot above including a rainbow!

and above some fantastic cloud formation...

and so to today, i am having a day of rest today, well sort of, Mom is having my cousins visiting, and tomorrow we will be going over as its her birthday.... i am told Mom is having an accessed on monday, while i am there during visiting hours? with her consultant, a Macmillan nurse, Mom of course, and me... we will find out where she is going next, home of course Mom wants, with the help of district nurses, the Iain Rennie nurses and me... i have found out the renal failure was due to the cancer, and some of her other problems she is having now....

but now to this morning, i walked down town and then stupidly walked back again! why do i do it? should have been taking it easy, so feel as exhausted as usual, didn't sleep well, the bed deflated somewhat!!!!

got Mom's birthday card, and the most beautiful Valentines card for Franco....

i also got the last thing i needed on my list for a rhubarb and custard cake i have just finished baking, and some fish for dinner tonight!

as usual with my baking i have to use slightly different ingredients than on a rescipe for some reason or other, non of which by my choice! as in i used canned rhubarb, not fresh, an instant custard powder mix instead of the *real* custard powder! and just a small question... the measuring jug my Mom has is a blue plastic type, not see through, the measurements are only on the outside and you still have to guess where the level is by looking inside it???? doh!!!

better leave here for now, had to take a pain killer, head ache coming on, and have an awful pain on my lip, really weird, i have never had a cold sore, dont think its that but there is a lump *in* my lip... that hurts like whatsit!

adío amigos...


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