Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry everyone... been away a while havent i! no fault of my own, when i switched on my little note book here monday morning had internet but *windows* wouldn't recognise it!?! i spent the whole morning trying... and three hours of the evening trying too... till i reached breaking point, not so much the machine breaking but me... so i just shut it off and calmed down before i blew a fuse!

so recap... sunday a beautiful sunny day, first day of sun i have seen since arriving here!

a day to relax a bit and just chill out.... phone calls and web calls to Franco and that was my day...

monday, fun with this little baby then off to see Mom, no change since saturday, in fact no change since really, she is better than she was, but still not eating proper foods, apart from breakfast yesterday morning, but nothing today.... she has the protein drinks she drinks what she can of... and is trying to get more water down, not easy... still not been out of bed, or even sitting up, she is just at an incline... awkward to drink or eat for anyone...

she doctors are coming in and just saying blah blah blah... so not sure what they mean by that!! she is coming out with some weird things which i hope are not reality!!! a mix of dreams, meds and tiredness i think...

i try and ask questions every day, but i must be asking the wrong persons everyday too as no one wants to give me a straight answer... i know she is only in because of the kidney failure, but it would be good to know how that is going, and how the cancer is, what stage we are at etc.. Mom wants desperately to get home to her own place, her own bed, tv... etc, just get home!

tuesday i started the day going in the completely other direction to meet with friends in Aylesbury, we had some lunch and then they drove me all the way to the hospital, took half the time of the bus, but was twice the distance!

then on leaving i was staying at mates in Hemel Hempstead, so got the bus there and she picked me up in town... where she deposited me for my bus this morning!

the promised snow did not materialise thank goodness, just a drop of drizzle! but its turned colder again, mental note, another couple of layers tomorrow!!!

i am now very familiar with the streets, shops and houses on route and even lots of the other bus travellers now! almost first name terms.. well no actually, no one says boo!

there has been shouting by passengers, shouting by drivers... SIT DOWN WHILE THE BUS IS MOVING... a popular one! one driver even stopped where we were till people did!!!!

cold buses, hot buses, wet buses.... they have all been green buses!!

i have a ticket which arrived today which will last me four weeks, one which will allow me to get on and off any Arriva shires bus going anywhere.. within the Shires and Essex! this one starts next tuesday...

got a bit of a headache now, probably all the catch up on here, well and Café World on FB (maybe?) or the nearly whole bar of Cadburys Fruit & Nut! ( or is it Kraft now???? i hate change!) i have just demolished nearly all of it anyway!! well... its there and i am here... and now its nearly gone, what a girl gonna do!?!

tomorrow, very fortuitous but my mate from yesterday has an appointment with a doctor at Mom's hospital at the very time i am there to see her! so its only a return to Hemel tomorrow and we will have a coffee and little relaxing look around town before we go to Hospital..

so amigos, good to be back...

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Carol said...

Welcome back! I wish you had better news, but maybe soon. Take care, Marian.