Friday, January 15, 2010

Evening all! *sad laugh*... what a day, snow clearing but lots of slush on the roads here let me tell you, and i found this out to my dismay!

i suppose it would by funny to some people(?) but not for me, i was walking into town along the old A41 and a truck sent cold muddy slush all over my back! and i mean all over, my bag which was on my included, soaked through i was, apart from the small rectangle of bag...

my coat retains water as did my jeans and hat! i went into the shops i had to, and one i didn't to see in a mirror the damage... mug splashed all over my coat and legs, i was freezing, supposed to be a bit warmer today, well you know 7degrees, but i certainly wasn't, and after waiting at the bus stop for hour the bus was cold, little if any heating on and by sitting down i could feel the damp come through my clothing to my body... it was blooming great...

and to Mom in hospital in Watford, i had another talk the doctor, Mom has been saying about coming home, seems its not quite yet, and her kidney count has to come way down yet for it to be safe, and she needs to get up and move about a bit with a phiso, and eat!!!

she only being given drinks now, and a thick yoghurt thing, they all contain something to help her, and i passed this info on to her as the more she has of it the quicker she will be home!

i did warm up in her room forsure, and then it was back out into the cold.

i had a really bad ache in my stomach all day, a cramping ache coming and going, i wont tell the neighbour in case it was her pie!!!! and i stayed well away from Mom even though i had used the hand wash thing.

the walk to hospital too proved harder than before? my legs ache something awful, as though i been exercising?? yeah right!

but ride back to Berko was a bit of a nightmare, i just wanted to sleep, i feel absolutely exhausted, and then the tummy ache! and i am so emotional, dont know whats happening, the slightest thing i am upset... i stopped off back in Berko to pick up a new duvet and cover set Mom wanted, i'm to get it on the bed pronto as she wants to see what it looks like tomorrow! so i will!!

got a cab home, too much to carry, with the above and a load of jellies for me to sneak in to Mom, did check with the doctor and its fine for her to eat them by the way!

got in changed and slept, i feel completely knocked out, even know, certainly not hungry and slightly head achey...legs still telling me i have gone round the gym ten times in one day!!!

thank goodness for the spell check on here is all i say, well apart from some of my quirky words which i wont change!

so early night tonight i think, although not too early or i will have a bad head in the morning!!!
h e l p..... oh how i wish Franco and Pippa were here, they make me stronger...

TTFN amigos..


Anonymous said...

((((Aw, Marian))) what a crappy day you had. I'm sure Franco and Pippa are with you in spirit, and so are we, your unseen friends far away. Hang in there. Praying for you, now. And for your mom.


Pia said...

I'm here too, Marian...hoping tomorrow will be better..Take care

Marian said...

Thank you both... so much, your words and thoughts mean a great deal to mexx