Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Couple of photos I took half hour ago, about 4pm, from our terrace... Its still hot here, low 30's, we were sat outside Bar Cruz this morning, *Networking*, and the sun came round onto us... phew, we upped and moved, to the confusion of the waitress, to a table in the shade, I should add!

Here is Pippa, as soon as we got up stairs she lay down to catch some sun! I bought some bubble stuff and have been blowing bubbles for her to chase which she loves, but worked out today, I can't take photos and blow the bubbles at the same time! So will get Franco to help with that one!

Yesterday I emailed Mercadona, gave up trying to get they're site to work and let me order... I just couldn't believe it, an hour later, head office on the phone, woman speaking English, I had emailed in English, they're site is in lots of different languages...

She asked how she could help! And she did! And I put in my order... And its been delivered this afternoon! Right on time... gracias Mercadona.... muy bien!

I ordered a whole bunch of vegetables, and have diced and bagged and put in the freezer, well I thought it was a good idea for Mom, so why not for us too!

Don't I wish the man at the bank was so polite and wonderful and courteous! As you can guess I had no option yesterday but to be served by him... Now serve gives the impression of helping? I was... oh this is going to be hard... He punched numbers on the keyboard, he huffed and puffed, he passed something to me... end of!

It rained in the night, lots by the sound of it, mostly dried up by the time Pip and I went out into the [what seems like] night early this morning, and strange sky it was too, although its been totally dark for the last week or so, this morning the sky had an orange/red spooky glow about it, I at first thought the Sierra was on fire again, but I think it was a reflection of the sun, still out of sight, but catching the low cloud cover and making this eerie glow about the streets...

Shoe shop in town, changing subject suddenly, selling last of sales shoes at 1€... I bet if I go back in tomorrow I will find the last day, was today!

I had been home an hour, and the mail man came past, alerted as always by the Pipster! So I collected the mail from our mail box, brought it in, finding that out of the 5 or 6 only one was for us, so I took the post to the house which used to have our number... and then to the house, which now has our old number... [still with me?] and collected 5 items of ours!!! The mail man came back past, and I told him what I was doing and why, hoping he could work out that if he puts mail into a house with *this* number on, and our name, then maybe he would wonder why he had put mail with the same name into a house with a different number! And I showed him our old number, which is on the mail box where he puts the mail!

His reply? He shrugged... I had spoken in Spanish by the way, he knew what I was on about...

Hey ho!

Love is a fruit in season at all times,
and within reach of every hand.
Mother Teresa


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