Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am sorry I am repeating a photo from last year.... As I have been looking back to this time last year, with our [Mom] trips to London and Paris.... because the quote at the bottom of the photo is so meaningful...

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Very prophetic....

But to now, to the present eh, I'v booked my flight back to England for just before Christmas for a couple of weeks, hope I can hold out for that long, still two more whole months till then, and my need to see family and friends there, and to go to all the places we [Mom] used to go, my memory is getting so bad I think I have said about that already, recently, before!

Now what have I done since, when? oh yes Thursday's power cuts! I have got the battery charger out of the cave and its on charge! I thought it had its own plug socket, but no, only a light, but that's good enough for next time we're out of electric!

Friday and Saturday, nothing much, a trip down town, networking with friends, the gas man came late, which meant I was here and able to buy a can!

The weather yesterday was wonderful, a little cooler, high 20's, I have had to wear a regular t-shirt to walk Pip bright and early now, well maybe not so bright, the stars are still out now!

An article recently showed prices may be down 1% here in Andalucia, but sales are up 15%, especially of older property, well you cant get much older than ours eh! So... Let the word be out, once the death duties is paid.... A new journey awaits....

During a particularly bad evening, last night, I checked the answer phone messages, again, just to make sure we don't have an old message from Mom still there... Well you never know, wish I hadn't just deleted them without a second thought... So I listened to my brothers message from Christmas 2008, where he said he knew we were away, was it cave diving? So that made me laugh, I can just see Franco and I cave diving!!! Bless him!

This morning we went down to see a friend who is over here at the moment, there had been a leak from their neighbours house into theirs, so some paint work needed to be done... Whilst waiting, suddenly two gypsies were walking into her living room! They had quietly opened her [rejas] gate, left unlocked for the painters, normally locked, then just walked in through the front door! Our friend jumped up and got them out of the house quickly! This is nothing unusual, just the daily norm down there... sad but very true...

Then the poor woman was driving back from Fuengirola and their car broke down! The clutch went! Actually on the main carraterra! The worse possible place, traffic moving at 100k, that gives no grace to anyone on it!

Then we hear that her husband back in England who has been suffering since an op a while back, was left with two clips in side of him! Hey doctors, count as they go in, and count them when they come back out!!!

The road works are, well they are there on the road down to Fuengirola from Mijas pueblo, opening up the road as far as Lidl, the road is still open, at the moment which is a bonus! But with the other road that comes down to the coast from just above Mijas pueblo still closed for improvements there is no choice now, apparently they want people to use the upper road if coming from *our* direction and heading into the village, rather than coming all the way around it to enter!

I have another friend moving back to the UK, next month, I haven't got to see her much, she lives down in Calahonda now, since moving down there a few years back now, we met up a couple of times when we were staying down there this year. They were only renting, so they can just pick up and move out... work permitting...

Ok, seem to be rambling as usual and not about much of anything, so time to go amigos!


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