Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterday morning when Franco and I went to the car there was a horse in one of the spaces, see above and below!

There he stood, he came towards us as we came towards him! And on the other side of the car was another horse with a man, and some small boys were checking the horse out....

I was the local horse festival here this weekend past, on the new road out of town, new as in recently done up I mean, there was plenty of evidence of horses!

We didn't go far, just check on a friends house, then to a Brit shop in Coín, we had a couple of things we wanted from there, and had a drink before returning home... That was that really, Franco was tired from a six day week of early starts and late finishes... and I? Was just tired!

The Avon lady called to say she would be coming to the house Saturday morning, although after these months of waiting I have ordered something from a book a friend has, but no matter, I thought well I can order something else, and would be good practice, Español! So, although I didn't expect her to be on time, I wasn't even that surprised when she phoned to say her car had broken down! Yeah right!!!

Oh I had more fun at the bank on Friday.... I wanted to withdraw some money from my English bank account, card, ATM, push buttons.... "for me.... NO!", tried again, the same, I then thought well nothing to lose, [except the card], I will have to try another pin number, because the option to take the card out without doing so, was not there!

So you can guess, it didn't work, and the card was swallowed up!

I went into the bank [not sure what I can write here, as on public viewing, but maybe you can guess my thoughts at this point in time!], I forgot all or any Spanish, and said the machine had taken my card, he laughed almost, "no Spanish now!!!!" haha!!! Well no, I am sorry, no Spanish now, card gone, me mad! He left the counter, went to the ATM, and took out the card, he showed it to me, said I must have used the wrong pin too many times, and I could not have the card back, I must phone the bank whose card it was, I said, what then though? He shrugged his shoulders.... Ok I am not sure exactly in the UK, but I think they would have given me the card the following day, on opening the ATM, these people know me, I have account at their bank?

So I told him to cut up the card, he seemed surprised, but he wasn't going to be able to do anything else with it, send it back to England? Who would send it back to me?? He wouldn't be speaking to anyone, he said he doesn't speak English so wouldn't be talking on the phone to anyone...

Once home, I phoned the English bank, he said the cashier should never have even opened the ATM to have access to my card, and he would put a stop on it immediately, and send another...

heck! nightmare!

I went into town this morning and should have met up with friend at the bottom of her street, I had come out of the bank with something else on my mind, looked up towards her place... and carried on to Bar Cruz! Had a té, wondering where she was, paid, and on walking back towards her place I tried her phone, no answer, she was walking down towards me! Oh dear... I owe her big time, poor girl had waited for nearly half hour... she was worried about me, me about her, I had only spoken with her half hour before I left the house, that blooming bank! That or my mind is going.....going... gone!

I know its the 13th today, but its not Tuesday, the bad luck day here for a 13th, but today evening was out of kilter... few other things before I even walked into Mercadona, so list in hand I expected the worst...

I did what I needed to do, up to the till, unloaded my stuff, told him what I wanted to do, he took my details, he put everything back in the cart, told me to pay on delivery and I left, well friend was just about to get to the till, so lined up with her and her 3 items, and left the store! We had gone in together! So that was quick? And I came home, and now awaiting the delivery, or will be in an hour... then I can have some milk in my coffee or tea! Completely forgot I had none at all when I left this morning... But then its always weird going shopping and not bringing it home with you!

Tired now, so going to have a rest from this....


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