Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arh... Candle light, how very romantic! Sat here alone, first the rain started, I said quickly on FB, the tv signal will go next, then the electric, I got it wrong, they both went at the same time! Lots of rain, although its let up a little now, there are people running about in the street, its hot and humid now! I got the candles lit quickly, although Pippa didn't ask what was wrong[!], she must just have thought I turned off the tv and lights???? Dogs eh! So clever!!!

So here I sit, luckily there is plenty of time left of battery power [checks] over 2 hours, I had it plugged in at the time having forgotten to unplug when it was full!

I'm sure when the electric goes off we are the only people who light candles... oh windows open up stairs... and we're back with electric!

But no tv, so... No No tha's back now too, bring it on!

Well will carry on for a bit now, I had to sort something out on line with the Spanish bank, I think the lady in there on Monday had been trying to tell me something to that effect, I couldn't believe it when it worked the first time, that's never happened before!! Also had an email from the local Avon rep!

We had had a few spits and spots of rain today, was before I went out and still at hot, and no change of clothes yet... when I went out I took my brolly but no need, so I thought that had been it for the day!

I had an email today from a mate back in England, about the effects of Aspartame Its something in sweeteners, sugar free drinks etc, aparently it can cause aches and pains, make FM, ME and MS worse... I put it on the forum I use for FM, but had mixed replies, a few people had seen this before, some said they would try to leave the product out of their diet, some said it was rubbish... So I replied if it even helps one person a little that would be better than nothing, wouldn't it?

Ok amigos, back to tv now... the square eyes that I am!

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.
François Duc de La Rochefoucauld


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