Wednesday, September 01, 2010

.... Hi its me...

Well couldn't stay away dispite my sad malaise.... I need to talk...

Today I am just at home, as soon as Franco left for work I went up to the terrace and did the washing, its much better doing it every day, although when it gets colder not sure how it will dry! But never mind that now.

Yesterday morning after hanging the clothes on the line, I set to with the rubbish up there, I just don't understand how we accumulate so much of it up there? Piles of wood, mud, plant cuttings etc, although of course with nearly everything dyeing up there when I was away for so long, I'm still cutting things down! So yesterday I got five bags of rubbish ready to go....! I will only put out one a night, because along with the kitchen bag feel bad for the poor man who then has to push his wheelie bin to the end of our street with our waste!

I had already been up town, wouldn't have gone as didn't feel to hot! Well no, felt hot, but I mean I felt ill! Franco, my sweetie has given me his cold, bless him! On Monday, his day off he had been coughing, and feeling bad, so I woke up with a sore throat, sore eyes, itchy scratchy throat! And a silly cough! Oh and a tight feeling in my chest when I do the silly cough!

But, when I got home, I went straight up stairs to do the washing etc, then got carried away with the gardening!?

Franco came home about 4pm, had some dinner and went to bed, I kept him topped up with hot drinks and those powders to help his cold...

I then ended up going to bed very late, staying up to watch the program about The Bill, the series in the UK that's now come to an end after 27 years! Heck! Its a shame, I actually really enjoyed it, missed it when it went to one night a week instead of two, and now... gone! So the special that was on didn't end till 12:40am! Here being an hour ahead! Again, what on earth we will do if the UK stops *springing forward* in March, we will be 2 hours ahead... Of course, this may never happen[?] And I could swear that when I first came to visit Spain, Spain was two hours ahead then? over 20 years ago... and Italy two hours ahead also!

But then the other day I said something or other 8 days a week[!!!!] Whose calendar I am living in who knows!

Was the last of another British classic this week also, Last of the Summer Wine, we don't, or rather didn't usually watch this, although we had in the past, long ago past[!] But decided we would watch the last one, never realised how many 'ol favourites were working on that show! Sorry...

Ouch.. sneezed and it hurt!

Also coming to an end this week is my favourite breakfast show I watch every week day. I cant believe it! Really liked that show and all the team on it, although they were starting to change people, or should I say get rid of people, I didn't realise it was so they could stop the show altogether!!!!

Something else I keep forgetting to mention as it seems to be only on a Saturday, while I am walking Pip and passing a butchers shop, I keep seeing two men, just coming out, of the dark, locked up, shutters down shop! packages in hand I am guessing, full of meat! Bit odd now, especially as its almost dark and they look, well a little guilty, creeping about like that, but they have a key! And its probably their family shop, and Pippa doesn't care! So nor shall I!

What I am afraid to say I do care about is the kid from down the street, the one who kicks and throws fire crackers at passing dogs, he is now into skateboards... which is fine, except our street is so narrow, and old, that you feel the vibration of it when he starts up and down the street, in the dark... well it would be, we're in bed by then and its about midnight or later!!!!

Saw him down town the other day, he passed me by outside Bar Cruz, said hola and carried on his way, people flying in all direction to move out of his way, he's nearly six foot without the skateboard and broad with it!

When I was leaving the house yesterday and a dog was hanging around outside, leaving clues as to his being there[!], he (above) came along and kicked out at it, and I said awww no, he just laughed!

It has thank goodness been a bit cooler the last few nights, only high 20's! still need fan on, but much better than last week... At least we can breathe! It was a bit cloudy too yesterday, but still so hot.... I'm losing my tan, from sitting and walking in the shade all the time, I want it to just cool down a tad, then I can sit out in it again! I have magazines to read that a friend gave me yesterday to read and I shall return for her to pass on to other friends...

Did I mention I was trying to get hold of an Avon catalogue? After emailing, and getting a call from someone who thought I wanted to sell it, I texted and apologised for my poor Spanish and that I just want to buy a few bits... Well on Monday I got another call, she wanted to know our address, so I texted her that, as she couldn't understand our street address!

So, at this rate I should get a book by Christmas!

TTFN amigos

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