Saturday, February 26, 2011

Above a pic of a cicada I took at some time! We were talking about them the other day at the Boardroom, they are unrelated to the grasshopper/locust, its another family altogether that's gone from my mind! But they are eaten all around the world... Not here, not in my kitchen... yet!!!

Its just gone 5pm, and is still wonderfully warm, hot even, up on the terrace, I had gone up to clear up some mess I had made earlier... and I pulled up a chair, and sat reading for a while, then I put the book down and day dreamed for a while, then started Blogging in my mind, and thought I better come back downstairs and do it for real.... so, lets get shnappy!

This morning I awoke suddenly and late! I'v been waking up almost an hour before the alarm, then just lightly till the alarm... I think it was the anti histamine I had taken, something I ate for dinner last night, has given me a bad rash on my neck, but they always make me so tired, so I woke up badly.... Anyway, went to town, and as the morning went on, I started to get a headache, and neck ache!

It was hot too, too hot for what I was wearing, trouble is when I leave the house you need something, then by 10am I was getting sun burn on my arm... and before long the sun had moved up above the bottom of the toldo and I was mostly in the shade!

When I arrived at Bar Cruz, the Boardroom table was taken! I sat in the middle one, and the two men at 'our' table said, no no, come over here, we're at your table!!!!! Well well well...... We obviously do have a reserved sign on it, even if only us and the locals can see it! muy bien!

Three of us were at the meeting today, and two welcome guests! The syndicate didn't win the Euromillions, again, this week... One friend was expecting someone else to come along, so I waited with him a while, but had to go in the end, I had taken a pain killer, and just wanted to get home...

I went into Mercadona for a few bits, and coming back past the bar, friend was still waiting.....

Once home, I didn't want to just do nothing, I wanted to try and get rid of the bad head and neck, so I baked a cake! Using two of the eggs aforementioned friend had given me, duck eggs! I made a strange cake, using a recipe, but changing a few things, adding others! So wasn't sure how long to bake for and the bottom came out a bit dark... But it tastes very nice, well Pippa and I think so anyway!!

Then while the cake was baking I prepared some meat balls for later, Pippa is annoying me now, she knows they're for dinner and made of mince, her favourite! I seem to be addicted to a yellow spice, my skin will turn yellow soon, if I marinade something before I go out in the morning, I find my hands are yellow once I am out of the house!!! Well I mean they are yellow in the house, I guess, just outside there is better light and I can see it!

Also while the cake is baking... I realised my head ache was gone, my neck ache better... So I put on a CD and was dancing away in the living room! I have always done this.... It was my bedroom when I was a kid, now its all over the house!! And I know I am not alone is doing this amigos!! You know who you are! I was listening to James Blunt, posted here somewhere! ...I know some people think he is depressing!! But I like music where you can actually understand the words, and I like the words he uses... so there it is! But the first one I listened to is the one I have put here before my Blog if it comes out like it should! It is a dance track... I know not every ones cup of tea, but it just does it for me, sends me back to my good old days of dancing the night away.... One friend and I used to go to a club, the dance floor empty, every one intimidated by the large expanse of empty space... except us! There we would be dancing away, and when I opened my eyes... the floor would be packed! Opened eyes yes! We both danced like that, I think, as it was just us, closed eyes, we probably both felt like we were just at home, and just relaxed into it...

Anyway, before I hit the floor again! Not! I think that's enough excitement for one day!

Not sure if its the heat, but I can even move my left leg better than I could the other weeks... Or all the positive thinking I am trying to do now.... After Monday, and getting as bad as I could get, I think, I am trying to think only positively, saying "I have been better" or richer! Someone told me negativity attracts negativity, so I am now only attracting positivity! As best I can, and yesterday I thought, wherever Mom is, she is not thinking about how bad it was for her a year ago, and I shouldn't either, I should only be thinking of all the good times, all the good memories, I know I am going to slip over the next few days, weeks, times in my life.... but Mom walks with me...

So! I watched Thunderbirds movie.... F.A.B. and all that! In between hanging washing, hand washing a blanket, and weeding! The latter was what I went up to clear just now...! The terrace is also washed and clean, looking lovely and red again now, that rubber paint is great!!!

Now to dinner, and the meat balls!


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