Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me in Florence....

I know, I know, its been five days since my last post... I feel at the moment my only words would be about my Mom, the anniversary of her passing is looming like a big black cloud threatening to push me to my knees, and I don't even know if I will want to get up again after it... I shall be on my own most of the day, that's if I can bear to go out of the house even, if not I may just hole up in bed all day, phones off, tv off... I don't know.

So to what's past up to date then if I can lift myself up and out of this mood, Saturday was back to the vets, for Pippa's second anti infection jab, after her dewclaw loss... she really didn't want to go back, and I can understand her... I had to carry her a bit, but then couldn't, too heavy, and once in there was a huge amount of people, and it was a two hour wait to be seen, some of which sat next to a poor dog, that looked old, ill, and near its last days... the second two things are correct, I spoke with the man about the poor animal when his Mom was away, it was her dog, it hadn't been bitten by a mosquito but they had got into its system none the less and the four years old dog was so sick, it made me so sad... I cannot imagine not having my companion with me...

Anyway, eventually we went in, Pippa tried to make a bolt for the door on the way past, so dragging her through the door not a great entrance! She also didn't like having another jab and only half the fluid got in on the first try and the vet just seemed to jab at her to get the rest in... and not gently pinch her neck, the rest went in muscle on her poor little bottom! And as you can imagine she was not best pleased, and bleed profusely in the reception area afterwards, I went home looking like I had been in a massacre as my hands were both covered in blood!!! Back briefly though, her dewclaw had healed up very nicely, and what had been left of the bandage came off, nothing more put on, she had pulled most of it off in the morning while I was out, clever little thing! And I had taped some more on, which came off on the journey down, but she looked so funny, as she walked she kept shaking the leg with the loose bandage!!

Sunday Franco and I met up with some friends and took them to La Trocha market, they had never been before, we went around it once, then Franco took Pippa to vets, his turn! We went up stairs for coffee, then walked around once more and Franco came back.... after another coffee, we did a last turn of the market before heading off to the Moreno for some lunch... I was shattered, to say the least, agonising trying to keep walking for so long, anyway had some nice lunch, and the place was packed not room for another other people ten minutes after we arrived, people were hanging around like vultures, something I hate, it makes me eat slower, order more, and take s o m u c h more time......hovering over our tables and looking to see what we had left to eat!!!!

Then we were home, and had to go back out about 5pm, so it was a quick rest(!) And down to Fuengirola... and drizzle! Tuesdays rain had come early...

Monday? Monday.... San Valentino! A late Happy Valentines day to you all x

And yesterday came the rain, full tilt! I got soaked getting to the shop, I didn't want to carry spare shoes so wore normal boots which did nothing to keep the water out, both pairs of socks soaked through, so I went to get the coffee's, crossed Rio Cartáma to get them, we had free cakes which was nice! Then I went to the bank, and later back to the panadería for mas café con leché! So all in all, I just stayed wet through, I met up with friends later after work and thankfully got a lift home, and got straight into fluffy things to warm myself back up!

And not using my brain at all, my boots this morning were still damp, I think some crumpled newspaper may have helped! The socks were still wet too, and my coat!

Not down town for long today, we sat at a different table today, better placed if it started to rain, I had my BP done on the way home, much better today, so not sure if I should still see the doctor, about it... will see how it is tomorrow.

I'm glad I came home when I did, we had thunder, rain, rain, and more rain most of the afternoon... Luckily I kept the TV signal, but I was finishing a book I started only on Monday, 3096 days, written by a girl who was kidnapped and that was the amount of time she was held by the kidnapper... All the awful things he expected of her, the mind games, the beatings, and her eventual escape... A brilliant book I recommend.

Ok folks, I'm done, so many words and nothing said at all... That's sometimes how I feel.



Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Marian.

I had to look back to 2010 posts, but I see that your mom died on March 4. Not even I can believe it will have been a whole year so soon. For you it must seem even closer.. please know I will be praying for you and her on that day.

Marian said...

Thank you....I can't believe it either, its unreal... And I can't bare it

Pia said...

Oh, Marian, is it already a year? I can't believe it! And that it's been 4 months since my mom died. They say time heals, but I don't know about that...Hugs to you.

Marian said...

Pia...I'm with you there amiga, time isn't healing anything for me yet either, I'm like an open wound, and I can't leave it alone...(((hugs))) to you too xx