Friday, February 11, 2011

Me and my shadow..... Up on the terrace the other day that is! I was sat reading and looked at the wall to see myself shadowed there... Please note the attractive spiky bit of hair right at the top of my head! I didn't.... or it would not be there! There is no top to my hat, I chopped it off a few years ago, and it just sits around my head, keeping the sun off my face and out of my eyes....

I had just sat down to write earlier... when I could hear Pippa up on the stairs, she sounded strange so I went to investigate, she had almost, totally pulled off the nail she did the same thing to a couple of years ago! The dewclaw.... poor little thing, anyway so much blood I could see this wasn't going to heal itself, the last couple of weeks it had been bothering her and now it was.... well lets just say in a very bad state.

So I grabbed her, her passport, and money[of course] switched off anything I could think needed to be switched off, locked up and out we went to the vets.... I actually thought it would be closed so just went to the emergency bit on the side, a vet opened the door and said the main building...

[I'v been away again!]

So into main building and the same vet brought us straight through into an examination room, bypassing two people who were already seated and waiting!!!

He got the nail out cleanly, cleaned, bandaged and two injections for poor Pip!

Yes I was gone for another couple of hours there, and you never even noticed! My friend and neighbour popped in.... we had a sherry! oh how very la di da!

Trying to keep Pippa from tearing at her little red sock bandage now, and tomorrow have to take her back again, for it to be cleaned and more jabs... he is going to clip her nails too, and then next week its her parvo/rabies jab, which is already a month late...

On the way back from vets earlier we bumped into a friend from down the road, with their two dogs... his wife wasn't with them... she had fallen the other day while walking the dogs and broken her hip!!!! I will pop in to see her Monday or Tuesday poor girl!

Just before I go, Tony said today he may phone me over weekend, I think I have been left with a fear of him calling... he used to call to say something was wrong with my Mom... We do speak nearly everyday, on the computer, will be nice to have a normal happy conversation to break my fear.... When we're in the car too, Tony's alarm would go off if I undid my seatbelt too early.... now I wait till we have parked, whatever car I am in!!!!

TTFN amigos

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