Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Oh, not Blogged since Friday, apart from a little video that caught my attention!

Well Saturday was the norm... Into town, to the Boardroom of course, we won in our syndicate, yeah! Under a tenner, but nearly paid the price of next weeks lottery, so not bad, as in better than nothing!

Nice to sit in the sun... especially as its moved round suddenly, rising from a different position from just one day to the next which is very odd, instead of taking a week or so, 20 minutes earlier than the day before and there we were bathed in sunshine already! So not sure what happened with planet earth to make it do that, maybe someone knows???

I had two or three afternoons on the terrace in the afternoons, reading a book, one I have had for ages, it wasn't that it was bad, or hard going, just not really taking time out to just sit and read, but now I have, and its finished, I was left reading a magazine.... Its funny, so out of the habit of reading magazines, they seem full of rubbish, adverts and general nonsense!

Sunday was quiet, I didn't even leave the house all day!

Yesterday normal meeting of friends and like minds... Then a friend and I went to the local garden centre after he had helped me run an errand... quite a few people there, made they're way up from the coast on our new road I suspect!

And today... I went to work, just for over an hour, then home, bit of a relax before going to the hospital, we got there easily, my friend drove of course, that's why! Went in to see the doctor, who was very nice, it was a bit like an interview, lots of quick fire questions, followed by staring into my eyes... nose and mouth! That last bit, of course, not being like an interview at all I hasten to add!! Then he tried to make my legs go in directions they really didn't want to go!!

I have to make lots of appointments now, we couldn't make them today, as they can only be made at a certain, early in the mornings, so have to go back to make the appointments, then, for the appointments, then go back to see the doctor for all the results....

He also told me to go back to see my doctor, as my BP is still really high, but he was asking me questions throughout both the readings, one at the beginning and one at the end, I said, should I be talking through this? and he said, yes that was fine!!

Think that's it for now, mas o menos anyway...

TTFN amigos

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