Friday, February 04, 2011

Well a bit bizarre this evening, a friend told me about a photographic exhibition going on this evening with her photographic club... the Casa de Cultura... So friend and I met up, got there, about five minutes after it should have started... and? And nothing, nada de nada!

The photos yes... but no people but us, so we went for a coffee and went back, and still, nada!

No people, no tapas!!!

So we had a good look at the photos and left the building!

And I thought I would post some of my efforts here, they have all been posted before, but what the heck eh!

Top of the shots here is myself[!] standing next to the cross at the very very highest point of El Chorro, well the highest bit I could ever expect to get to, and this is much much higher than the railway line far below....

Then a shot taken through the cross itself... I don't think many people even know this cross is up there...

The next is our church right here, the Santa Vera Cruz, and a couple of the Roman columns which are in front of the town hall... This was one of the photos used in the town calender a few years ago now...

y el final, is one beautiful sunset from a couple of months ago.... taken from our terrace...

Now let me check, ok was Tuesday my last Blog... Friday now, time flys.... But back to today, knock on the door this afternoon, post woman, she says is this you and says a name, through the open window, Pippa is in the house, and barked, she screamed! She who was outside, in the street, she couldn't even see Pippa, which doesn't exactly have a big dog sound about her, at all! For goodness sake, get a grip!!!

Yesterday I got the bus and back down to Fuengirola to meet up for coffee with friends, actually had churros though con chocolate.... mmmmm muy muy bien, me gusta mucho! Could just eat some now!! Later I had a cup of tea too, well a mug, it was an English cafe... Saw a couple of people we know... they went past one at a time, not sure if the first saw me, but the second did when I called her name! I say it like this as they ripped Franco off, and of course know it!

It's been lovely the last few days, not a cloud in the sky and warm in the sun, very warm, sunbathing up on the terrace earlier reading a book and drinking a cup of té... just there its a real sun trap, and lovely this time of the year, oh sunbathing in jeans and a top by the way... Don't the people in the ayuntamiento to think I am loco![?]

I am in need of chocolate! Wish I had some!

Did I mention the birds are singing now in the mornings when I take Pip out, its still dark, they must know something I don't!

Spring has sprung.... and all that!

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