Friday, May 27, 2011

Some more photos from last Sundays trip to the Ardales lakes... Hopefully some areas, most people seem to miss from their visits... I always have to go somewhere different, get off the beaten track, investigate paths not trod, oh anyway you know what I mean!

I just go my own way!

I really wanted to walk further along this path above, but I am holding the camera through a very high gate which was not negotiable, well maybe if I had a rope and tackle to get round the high wall which was hanging over the water!

This is the path you would come to if the bridge was till up, and they unlocked the gates and pathways down from the upper levels....

This bit above, with my shadow is looking down over another little bridge which leads to the water works bit! There were thousands of figs in the water, the wonderful fig trees there are unreachable by anyone, so not sure why so many young looking figs had fallen from them... but they were piled up, caught by rocks and puddling where the water had taken them...

Also loads of prickly pears, as mentioned yesterday... These though are up near the newer dam, looking forward to getting back here when all this fruit is in season, pair of think gardening gloves in my pocket eh!!

And above the tree near the church, zoom in and look at all the fruit, looks like loganberries maybe? But black... People were eating them and or, throwing them to the huge fish!

No more mobile phone news just yet, thought I would have a days reprieve, although did have to phone Telefonica this evening, have more crackle than Snap Crackle and Pop cereal !!!

Town was quiet today, well this morning anyway, our bar wasn't even open first thing, we moved the boardroom over the street, and looked down at our place, which did open, too late mate!!!

Last night we were kept awake by lots of passers-by, who wanted to talk very loudly, because they maybe were deafened by loud music further down the street... I am expecting the same thing for the next two nights, Pippa has been told, but she says she will still get up-set and bark at them for disturbing our sleep!


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