Saturday, July 02, 2011

As I write, I hear rockets.... rockets rockets rockets, all we have been hearing all week, and I am all rocketed out now! These things must be costing someone some money, somewhere! And for what, to get people to the church?? Arrrrrhhhhhh, I know I have said this before, and I have every intention of saying it many times more yet, but honestly, we all have either mobile phones or alarm clocks to get us to be somewhere we are supposed to be at whatever times we are supposed to be there, we really do not need rockets for that any more!!!

Trip to Benalmadina this morning, we borrowed a friends car, a 4x4, I had only driven it once before, but it was ok, bit bigger than I am normally used to! And I felt very small at the wheel! We went down the coast road to Fuengirola and then along the coast road, along, well along the coast! To Benalmadina port, I hadn't been there for a while, I don't think since Mom passed away, she and I went there alot, so I could see her there... Everywhere, but then we passed the Chinese junk boat, and I could see Tony and I on that too! The new sea taxi was there, it looks like it would be a bumpy ride, but you get the boat from Benalmadina to Fuengirola, or Cabopino, Marbella, and even Gibralter, at some point! Every two hours from 10am, and its a return trip, just hope not everyone wants to get the same boat back, no standing, tha'ts forsure!

We arrived ok, parked, had a coffee, then went to meet Franco's sister Maria and her friends, they were at a beach bar on the other side of the marina, and we found them fine... had a coffee while they had breakfast then said our goodbyes! Maria is only here for the weekend, so just a fly by visit... Then we were back to the car and off outta there! We came back a slightly different way, and about half hour quicker too! Popped into Aldi on the way and stocked up! [on ice cream], although what I got will take a lot to beat the bubble gum ice cream I got earlier in the week from Overseas[Iceland], Mmmmmm yummy!

Back in town, couldn't get home! We came down the road, and the police were blocking the road, por que, the band was walking up our street! So engine off and waited... I drove up our street behind the band, pulled up outside the house, un loaded the shopping and left Franco to meet and greet the Pip, I then continued to follow the band up our street.... once again, engine off near the junction with plaza alta, once more they left, and the whole load of us cars made a quick get-away down a narrow lane, and away.... but slowly, this time the street was filled with people walking about! But I made it through, taking no prisoners... or maybe just the one or two across the bonnet like trophies!!!

Last night we had an impromptu walk! The phone rang, late, and I mean late!!! My friend whose car I had borrowed couldn't find his wallet, etc etc, everything! And that it might be in his car, in his bag, somewhere there! And he had only just realised it was missing, and where it might be, so off we went to the car, parked up the road, a way[!!!], Pippa thought it was great fun, going out so late, that is until the rockets started going off.... poor thing had to be carried for a while, and then she just kept wriggling and trying to get away, goodness knows what she would do, or where she would run, in panic... I hate to think!

Anyway, the car, the bag, yes! Hidden away out of sight, but there, thank goodness, then home, and back to sleep!

Today we have had bad trouble with internet, well no wifi, that is! Franco was trying to connect something, and ended up using the Ethernet lead, then when I tried to get on line, nothing, nada, and nowt as well!!! I started to lose the plot and thought I would just give it up, then on the hundredth time of switching everything off, mine at last started working! Why does this happen? Makes no sense to me at all....

Maybe its the heat, no no I do know its not, but it is hot hot hot hot! Washing taking half hour to dry... which reminds me I have more to put out just now!

Do you remember I brought my Step-Dads guitar in from the cave? It was so damp and ruined, I didn't know what to do with it, it seems so sad that it was left to rot in there, I feel bad about having done so, it was last year when we had all the rain and it was flooded like everything else in there!

Anyway, its been drying out, but is real stinky and in so many pieces its beyond repair I know, so today, I washed the case, and the back panel of the guitar has come away, I cleaned it up and its now making a very strange new addition to the lounge!!! maybe I should frame it? The label came off, but I'm going to stick that back on, Dads guitar was a Spanish one, made by Manuel Segura Roma E Jerez, sold in London!!! Oh and just googled all the info I have on it, one similar is for sale for 50£... Although I am sure its in much better conditioned, no cave damage me thinks!!

Before I go... Franco wanted something in my make up box, not as dodgy as that might sound by the way folks, but he opened it, peered in and the look on his face made me say to him "... you look like a stranger in a strange land!...."

adió amigos time for ice cream!

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