Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seems to be my 800'th Blog entry on today!

I should make this a momentous brilliant extravagant post shouldn't I?

I may let you down... down being the word... I am happy, very happy 23 hours of the day, but then that other hour? Not in one piece, broken down in minutes here and there, a sudden pause in life or breath, and I think of my Mom, miss her, this will be the second birthday, shortly, that I have not heard from her! lol, the cheeky lady, missing my birthday again eh!

Its silly really, I mean, most of my birthdays I was away, holidays usually, until I moved here... but always we spoke...

I'm having the weirdest dreams... Russell Grant says its because of the full moon tomorrow, the 15th, effecting us Cancerians! I had been lucky sleepwise at night, still feeling quite cool considering its July, that's really unusual! But last couple of nights, too hot to sleep, fan going round so fast the ceiling is likely to take off at any time! Keep having to sleep upside down to get best of the cool air from above, then waking up disorientated, or by Pippa jumping up on the bed knowing its time to get up, but not that my head is there at the bottom of the bed not the top! ~Grrrrrrreat!

I've done well, still not opened the envelope containing my ultra scan results, and only five days to go before the doctor tells me them!

Now this week, sun, heat, and more sun and heat! We are bar hopping, sat somewhere different and watched the comings and going of Alhaurín el Grande life from a different point of view! We were in the shade, bonus; and there was less spitting, coughing and cigarette smoke, that was just us!!! Not sure where we will be tomorrow, the Boardroom manager is who we follow, and where he leads, we will sit! Which is ok by the rest of us...

Not doing very good am I for such an important Blog! Ok lets see, let me pick up the pace and get going... I have been in friends pool again this week, not as much, but a little, feels wonderful in there, just keep forgetting I have to keep still and just 'hang' in there, keep relaxed and enjoying floating, or I suffer afterwards!

Last Thursday, I think? Went round the neighbors for drinks [I took bottle of red], and drank it! Phew, not used to that amount in one hit! But felt fine, and fine in the morning too, which was both amazing and good luck! We had a good evening, chatted the whole time and caught up, sometimes we can go for months without seeing each other, and then they're off again!

The band is back to practice Mondays and Thursday, great! Have a break folks, its too hot out there!

I've fixed the hose [broke last week], plants are ok, figs are coming on, my favourite, and some cuttings I took seem to have taken, fingers crossed! Not a great time to do it, temperature being well over 50degrees up there all day and no escape for them!

Have you noticed I seem to end each paragraph with an exclamation mark!!! What's that all about then? How long have I been doing this? Must mean something, but then, that's how I speak, with an '!' at the end of every sentence!

I think, before I drive even myself crazy with this Blog today I shall say adio amigos....

oh and ps, I didn't win the 187 million Euros either... by the way!

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