Friday, July 22, 2011

I have been a very busy bee today! Finished putting file and up loading on Kindle the above book for Peter Maddocks.

Can't wait to see how its come out, have to wait about 24hrs I think, then will check it out! Have just looked at someone else's book, similar!!! And hope ours has come out well also! Not the same is it, normally, on Kindle, the books are all writing, but an 'How to do........' in drawing is completely different!

This morning I noticed a man go to pick up a paper from an outdoor rack... The papers were in English, he took one, looked at it, threw it back down and walked off in a huff! I wonder what went through his mind? Foreign language papers for free in his country? Where's mine in my country? I hasten to add it was a Spanish shop, sort of... Dunnes.... I think its Spanish owned now is it? At least this part of it.

Did I tell you about a hole in the wall opposite the house? Someone, took to picking at some layers of paint the other week, every time he comes past probably taking some more! Last evening Pip started barking and I raised the persiana to see why, two kids were pulling great chunks out of the wall, they ran when they heard the blind going up, but too late... I see daylight now from our side of the wall through to the waste land beyond!

Our mail box fell off the other day! The mail man can be very heavy handed! Because its not the huge quantities of mail we get forsure! More junk than mail maybe? Anyway, I had left it perched on the windowsill, but yesterday I got the drill out and fixed it! Didn't want to drill in too deep in case I hit electricity, the meter is above it, as it happens... So its back up, at a slightly dodgy angle, got a bit of a tilt going on, but never mind it'll do...

I am getting used to the pain killers I think, felt a bit head achy to begin with, but ok now, as in no head ache! The pain? Well I think maybe just the edge off it, but so subtle I can't be sure, especially as I am still doing all the normal things that still hurt!

I wish I had one of those miniature cameras on me, at all times... at the hospital the other morning, the smallest praying mantis was on the side of the car by the door mirror, he was only about two inches long... I shooed it off before it got to go on a journey back to Alhaurín... then yesterday morning Pippa was annoying a bee caught on a bit of fluff on the terrace, I picked up the fluff, and helped the beautiful bumble bee off...

"It's good to dream, better to live, but when you live out your dreams you know that you have accomplished something"


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