Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Museo Carmen Thyseen Málaga today... We made good time to Málaga, bit of traffic in the city, but not too bad, parked easily and came out into the heat... was 39º by 10am! Like an open oven door! We had a coffee by the Alcazaba, I popped into the ladies there.... What a toilet! Huge room, old oak door with a massive bolt on the inside[of course!], georgeous tiffany style lamp and an oil painting on the wall of a naked man! There was a head and shoulder portrait on the door, of a woman, so I am guessing likewise in the gents, well the other way around of course!

I had printed out a map to get from the Picasso gallery to the Thyssen, but it was easy to find anyway, and five stories high, was a long haul walk... but very very good, although after the Louvre in Paris..... well, spoiled I guess eh!

Beautiful books in the shop on the way out, but so expensive....

Above is something I caught sight of on the way into the City, I thought initially it was scaffolding, but look closer..... go on zoom in! Its a piece of art, see the chairs??? Strange eh! Although a better photo than the first I took of a white van as it pulled up along side as I took the photo!!!!

Anyway, back to the Thyssen, after we left we went back to the main plaza at the end of c/larios and had a paella, mixto with a beer!

Then home!

I got lots in the mail box today, a card[*smiles*], and a bill from the phone company, for well over a hundred euros!!! They want[ed], 50€ for a call out fee, remember I called them out because the line was bad? Well they were charging 50€ for that effort of coming out, looking, using the phone and leaving! So I got straight onto them, told them I wasn't happy. I mean afterall, he didn't have the means to fix was what was needed, he told me what to get. And a couple of days later I bought the fixings from a hardware store, and I fixed the phone myself! And they want 50€??? I should send them my bill for fixing they're equipment!!!

Also had an Aviso[notice of mail in the post office for collection], its not our house number, or name, quite possibly not even out street! So popping that back in to them tomorrow, to get back again at a later date no doubt!

Oh and lots of post for next door but one, as usual!!!!

I'v had to lug the rug[oh!] up onto the terrace for a wash, Pippa has been so afraid to go up there, she had a couple of.... what shall I say? accidents? on the rug[pheuwy!!!], I tried to clean it downstairs out the back, but not a good idea, and so made it worse by having to get a wet rug up two flights or stairs!

Anyway, its washed, and dried up there now, but I think I will wash it again before bringing it down again! Poor little Pip!

Then last night, no, the night before, I was hosing down the plants, watering the plants really I think I mean! And the end came off and soaked me, so that was fun!!!

The last two nights sleep has been wonderful, Sunday night was as bad as Saturday night, even though we thought the celebrations were over, they weren't, 6am Sunday morning the rockets started again, and went on all day and all evening, then, no bands, nothing but rockets, and at about 10pm, there seemed to be a whole crowd of people milling about outside in our street, and there they were, hundreds and thousands[well almost], and they didn't leave till about 1am!!!!

Monday, hospital, I forgot to mention Friday, went to the hospital too! I had had a phone call late one evening, about 9pm telling me an appointment had been changed and thought it was my Monday appointment for the heart scan... so, off we went, waited up by the room for well over half hour, at least until they switched off the lights!!! Then we knew we were either in the place, or it was the wrong day and time, the later is the answer of course!

So a complete waste of time... We went as previously arranged to the correct appointment, we arrived early, but I went in on time, I watched the whole scan, could see lots of highs and lows on a monitor, me, inside of course, my heart beating away, thank God! And lots of lights, green and purple and red, like flashed of colored lightening, very pretty!

Took the results in a sealed envelope and went down to the appointments desk, because we thought the phone call must have been telling me of a change to the results consultation... we waited about an hour, nearly, and no, that appointment is fine and correct also!!! So what the heck was that all about? What appointment did I miss? And what for???

I now have to NOT open the envelope and take a sneak peek at the results, I wouldn't know what they mean, and would only get the wrong idea and worry, but its difficult not opening them.... isn't it???


ps, sorry, very very tired and may be many errors, mis spellings or grammar or just plain weird writing today, apologies amigos, must try better next time!!

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