Friday, August 05, 2011

I think today's post will begin today and carry on tomorrow, I haven't posted since, some time, and the last dew days, well all week, not felt up to talking much, I haven't even had this on for longer than an hour at the most I think...

Had some either bad reaction to all the pain killers I have been taking or just plain poorly, full stop!

Yesterday all I had in my head were blank empty spaces, and today I awoke with an epiphany! I know! me! But now should I begin with it? Or close with it? Yess the latter just to keep you with me, because this is going to be a long one, and however heavy your eyes get, however dry your mouth..... get a coffee now!... I will keep you hanging on today... or will that be tomorrow when I finish this? And if I keep talking this non sense you'll hang up now!

Where shall I begin this spilling out of words I have today... to my notes, [mental], the notes NOT ME!

A tv program today, they sent a dog to a sanctuary when his owner had died.... and the woman said she wanted to go too! I remember when Mom's dog went to a kennels, then she was adopted by a wonderful family in Beaconsfield, chaffeur, cook, house keeper, the dogs had they're own room, I remember saying did they want an new daughter too!!!!

Which leads me to earlier today, we were talking about times in our lives that were significant in our future, or pointed us in certain directions, for instance when I was 15[while ago!], and walking through Tring with a friend, she stopped to speak to someone she knew, introduced me.... and by the following Monday I was starting my first job that led from that conversation!!!! Thank goodness, because I didn't have a clue what I would do for a job!

And how at one point my life led me to Aylesbury... which led to my job in Mercedes and all the wonderful friends I met there, who are still my wonderful friends... It led to Barry getting a job where he did, although, as he is still doing the same thing, albeit somewhere else, and may not thank me for it? And Tony went to a certain training centre, which led to his first job, and the people he met there, you know who you are... So if I hadn't followed that road as I did, none of the above would have followed....

I was always meant to be here in Alhaurín, I had house hunted here a long time ago, then it didn't happen, got divorced instead! Then Mom and I house hunted here... but didn't go ahead with the move to Spain, then a few months later did, and moved to Fuengirola on the coast. Now, here we are, in Alhaurín after all! I was always meant to know the friends I know here, in this town...

And then there is the weird stuff, like when I was visiting my brother in California, we were in San Francisco, just for two days, and on the tram we passed someone I thought I knew, and at the turn-around he was there again, I went up to him, [well why not?] and he said, hey Marian! what you doing here!!! and finally? [for now] when I was on the course at Santa Maria, never been there before, on a day I wouldn't normally be on the golf courses, four guys walked up onto the tee, I recognised one, and turned out it was someone I had worked for 30 years before!

Strange but true...

Today been trying to work out why so many blank pages on the Kindle books we have been publishing, no answers yet! Three books on Kindle, and all with blank pages, they're not there during downloading, or in the document itself, but most certainly there on the Kindle! ARH!!

Its hot heat now, sweaty!! There it is, its sweaty weather now! I think this may have been making me feel worse, I'm getting hot without with weather! That's something to do with my heart, I got a letter, at last from the hospital, explaining everything, well not everything, just the problems I have actually!!!

And before I totally bore you with all the words this little bit below is part of the description of some of it...

"The Haversian Canals are a network of minute canals, which traverse the solid substance of bones and proceed from the central cavity. They convey nutrient vessels to all parts."

Sounds like a snippet from a wonderful story about middle England in the late century!

And me.. the results! The primary problem is, are, no is a [MVP] Mitral Valve Prolapse with secondary [PSVT] Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (which is an abnormal conduction of electricity in particular areas of the heart).

The spinal cysts are in the sacral nerve root S2 with secondary radicular cysts...


Well I didn't go on as much as I thought I would, did I? Did I? hey wakey wakey!!

Oh the epiphany, well you know the old "which came first the chicken or the egg?" Why didn't I think of this before, like when I was a child, a chicken didn't just happen in the first place did it! They evolved like we did, so the chicken came from another type of bird, some prehistoric animal that shrank down to size!

For goodness sake, there is the answer!!!!


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