Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Unbelievable riots mostly in London over last few evenings, others in Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol, they are starting again already this evening now also in Manchester Wolverhampton and Nottingham, 16,000 police deployed in London alone tonight... Its looks like a war zone, gratuitous acts of robbery, violence, arson, thuggery... a poor man bleeding on the pavement was helped up from the path, then his saviours turned into thieves and stole everything from his back pack!

Most of the shops closed today at 3pm... Now there will be more loss of earnings, to add to the ruined businesses of the last few nights and homes, more unemployment and more homelessness.

Below is my planned Blog for today, but not sure if it seems appropriate after the above mindless actions going on right now....

But, here it is.....

Firstly, a photo of a bad accident in the street outside, four x four, off the road and into the piles of rubbish in the street waiting for collection!

Was anyone hurt? Don't know the windscreen looks full of bins....

Before the next photo of the above incident, didn't do much over the weekend, so little infact I got a headache! To much sitting down and doing nothing me thinks! Because Monday, after only a few hours of walking and moving about a bit, the headache went!

I didn't feel I should take another pain killer so just had to put up with the head pain, on top of all the rest, going to see the doctor, now up on the top of the town, must make the climb and just go and get an appointment, need something stronger now!

The medical centre was down on the high street, nice and local for everyone, of any age or strength of leg! Central in the town, and people could be helped up the steps and/or walked back to their apartments by various family and friends, now, up there at the top of the mountain [it feels], its not a walk most of them can now do, or me for that matter, I will have to zig zag my way there!

Not tomorrow, tomorrow we have a new boiler arriving! The last has, after six years of hanging on by a thread, literally, given up! The only way to get hot water is by, sorry was by, not doing now before anyone has a go.... turning on the gas, turning on the hot water tap, and rushing back to the boiler and igniting the many many flames that alight when the hot water is turned on, because the one pilot light, isn't working! And of course because such a huge amount of gas comes out of so many jets there is a bit of a bang!

Tomorrow, hot water, hot shower, hopefully! Its done well, like the washing machine, that didn't work for about 6 months last year, after the heavy rain from the winter before last, and then, suddenly is was ok again! More or less?????

Today went to look for a lawyer, he, they, were in offices in La Trocha, and said they were moving over the road, so, we checked out 'over the road' nowt, by the side of La Trocha, nope! Went inside to read what notice they had left on their door of their old premises.... and yes it says over the road, but not until October!!!! Mmmmm!

Ok, depressed by too much Sky news and rioting.... here is the other photo of the car crash on my street the other day.... the pulled back version! No zoom folks!

What? You can't see it? There's the four x four, up against the rubbish, just like in the first photo amigos! Where's the kid with the remote control though!!!


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