Sunday, August 21, 2011

Malaga 2011

Malaga feria week still here on my Blog today.... above, where these huge flowers were coming out from... a small building, the smoke smelt of beer... the cabin beneath, was advertising San Miguel.... so maybe it was beer brewing!!!!

A ferry pulling out of the harbour... mmmm, not a great photo, sorry amigos, it is what it is!
A ferry pulling out of the harbour!!!!

But above the Adventure of The Sea, a royal Carribean liner.... Huge with a capitol 'H'.... the gangway with people boarding, how awful!!!

Stuck out on the seas in this... beauty, I had never fancied a cruise, but the last couple of years, I have thought, yes, I could do that now! Must be my age!

I quite like the photo above, on the right, the ship, on the left the reflection!

Y el final... well for today, some more massive flowers, these are about 20 foot high, hard to show their size on here, well I tried!


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