Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last few photos from this years Malaga Feria.... above balloons!!! As you can see, a small person holding them from below, its a wonder he didn't get pulled up into the air... with so much hot air above him!!!!

This above is a small chapel I think, right on the port... its surrounded by the new 'soon to be' shops bars restaurants... looking sad, un-wanted and awkward there!

When we got there this area was almost empty, from above, fine streams of cool refreshing air were being sprayed out of the tubing... wet, cold spray, nice, no actually it was! In this heat!

But later, when we were passing back the whole area was heaving with people, eating, dancing, dancing and eating! Oh and drinking, lots!!

I had to include another photo of this amazing character... the 'drunk' doesn't he look like he is sitting down on something? Believe you me, nothing is there, just his fantastic sense of balance!

This is one of the palaces... yes, yes, I should know which one, I don't! Sorry amigos!

Now, I have to mention something that has been driving me crazy, or I shall explode, and make a helluva mess all over the sofa that I now sit upon! A friend of mine, has been asked to send, to England, a 2 into 3 pin plug converter, Visitor to UK Travel Adaptor .... to enable a Spanish cable to be used in an English wall socket.... Obviously I said, "well, yes ok.... but so much easier to just buy one there".... And so for anyone Google'ing this item.... the link above will take you directly to one such thing, in fact 3 for the price of two just now you lucky people over in Blighty! They can also be bought in John Lewis, Debenhams, Smiths... etcetera, etcetera.... if you cannot manage to even get to a shop to look they're on line even cheaper, with free delivery!!!



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