Thursday, August 18, 2011

We went to Malaga on Saturday, not that you would have noticed from Saturdays Blog entry? Strange I just wrote a purloined poem.. Still who knows where my head was, even I don't know!!!

So Saturday, on the bus and to Malaga City, the feria had started the evening before with an opening at the fairground, and this day was the first in the city centre, with loads of stuff going on....

On C/Larios the main street, lots of celebrations... the street is always covered with sun screens from July through to September, just the extra bits and pieces for the next two weeks...

Above a Mom and daughter looking lovely in matching dresses, saw lots of this idea....

When we arrived we first went to have a look around the what's not so now new railway station! Estación María Zambrano, Its amazing! So many shops, restaurants etc, and the entrance to the tracks themselves looks like an airport terminal, with the X-ray machine for bags to go through before getting through, there were loads of people waiting for friends/family at the two arrivals exits.... Made me want to jump on a train to Barcelona or Madrid immediately!

Just read this link before from the stations site about an line that is no more, shame...Malaga to Coín train!

Above some revellers, pausing between songs for a photo shoot!

After the railway station we headed off towards the centre, stopping for coffee and a magdalena, [cake]... then it was onwards and further in!

Couldn't resist this pic above when the opportunity came to my notice! Below everything was mayhem, we were caught up in a huge amount of people rushing about like ants, swarming this way and that, I looked up at the manikins in store window, I was probably the only person who even noticed them watching us....!!!

This amazing chap above, more pics of him tomorrow, there were many many 'live' statues in the street, most of them very good, painted silver, gold, bronze, or dressed in many guises and poses... but this 'drunk' was simply the best! He appeared to be sitting down, as you can see, but he is sitting on nothing, just using fantastic balance and legs muscles of steel! When anyone popped some money into that box, he kind of unbent himself to stand, and bow, in a drunken manner and offer his bottle to the money giver! He had crowds round him, every time we passed him!

After the first walk up c/larios [and back], we thought we would go to the port and see if any ships were in, one was, Adventure of the Sea, a massive liner, was just boarding... without me!!! i took loads of photos... tomorrow for those too!

We had a coffee in a bar in the port before we did the 45 minute walk to where the ship was harboured, there was also a German warship nearby, they were loading up with food, water and one or two beer barrels! A small group of fellers were behind a truck having a sneaky smoke and a couple were behind another truck doing the same thing, couple as in man and woman I mean!

We stood there awhile watching people boarding and people waving them off, prematurely as the shop wasn't even moving!!! Then a ferry headed for the islands was off on its journey, not sure where, either Palma or Tenerife, both were written on the side, both in very different directions!

Then it was the long walk back... we sat for a while in the park near the harbour, we had food with us, and water! [much needed, water], then back into the centre again.... I was so completely shattered by then, I don't quite know how I was even managing to walk... just my mind keeping me moving I think! Anyway, after a walk to the main square we left down a side street, crossed the river, and back to the bus station, where I did collapse, with a cup of coffee!

Not long to wait for our bus, and the wonderful air con on board...


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