Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Beginning with an awful scare I had during the night! I hadn't been asleep long when I sensed something  which woke me up, thought someone was standing in the doorway and screamed out "what do you want??" silly really! I mean had it been a 'somebody' not sure the reply would have been good!  Pippa in her bed, wasn't bothered by my shouting or thought indeed that there was even anything to be shouting at in the middle of the night!!!!

Anyway, I gave myself a scare which was bad enough, couldn't get heart rate back to normal, my normal that is, opened the persiana a bit to allow some light in.... still no good, so went and got some warm milk, switched the tv on for a while while I drank said milk, and tried again, this time I went to sleep....

This happens a lot to me, I don't know what actually wakes me up, but often I think I see something, just black bits on my eyeball, I don't know, usually looks like a person, or huge spiders coming towards me, and I'm not afraid of spiders but when they seem to cover the ceiling even I scream!!!

This morning after coffee at the Boardroom I got the bus down to Fuengirola, I sat on the side to give me the best 'buena visa' of the coast on the way down, and back for that matter.

Its very strange, I almost feel like I am now thinking everytime I see stuff its one less time I will see it whilst living here... like counting down.  I still haven't walked up to the tiny chapel that overlooks Mijas pueblo!  Twenty years of looking up at it, and never made the climb, I will have to persuade Son who is coming over for Christmas to take the walk with me!  He doesn't read this, so will be none the wiser as to my evil plan!!!

The bar I always have coffee in was closed, probably just for this month, like so many after the long summer months, have known Luiz for about 15 years... So I sat at a restaurant in Las Rampas which is opposite the doors Mom and I used every day to enter our apartment, which is by the gates of the car park we first parked after we landed at Malaga airport, with only a case each and no bed for the night! Until we saw Snr. Lorenzo, which, while I was thinking this, came out of his office to go get his coffee!  His hair is almost white, and much less than there was nearly 10 years ago!!!  But his business is still there, which is good, and cannot be said of many of the other shops and restaurants that were here back then, all changed, or just closed in some cases!

It felt strange, and I felt like a stranger...

I sat for a while in the sun by the church in the middle of town, where all the wonderful Christmas lights and decorations will be soon, some are already up over the streets, I remembered sitting there with Mom and taking a photo of the church, a woman came up and started screaming at me that I had taken her photo!!! I hadn't, of course, "why would I" I said.... she went crazy! I know now of course, her religion may have meant that taking a photo is like taking your soul....

I should have got off the bus here at the top of town, but for some reason stayed aboard, and had trouble making it home up hill all the way... I had felt that I should stretch my legs after sitting on the bus for over an hour, the trip back home was a nightmare, there is a detour of a local urbanization on the edge of Fuengirola, its sort of like going through Hollywood Hills, without the million dollar houses to look at, i.e. you go really slow, stop outside every single property... and there is nothing to see!!!  The journey down to the coast, takes you almost all the way, then does a turn around at the roundabout and back up to the A7, its like a trick, nearly there folks, oh no we're not, we're heading back up again!!!  The street maybe opened before I go, but I won't be holding my breath.... and now at last they are putting a round about at the T junction where you come off the N340 from Miramar direction, and you come up to the Mijas - Fuengirola road, its been hell trying to turn left, even going right, going around the roundabout and back up to Mijas pueblo is better than just sitting at that intersection forever...

And something else, at last, after all this time [or has it been longer than I know?]  I called up and cancelled my Vodafone contract yesterday, the number I had before when I cancelled Franco's is now a no go... So I popped into Vodafone yesterday, waited about 10 minutes for the lady who was being served, to be served!  Asked for the number and came home to phone it! 22189 Fantastic!  You follow instructions, press 3 for English, and 1 if you want to speak to someone immediately, and after 24hrs, every time you call, you will automatically speak to someone speaking the language you requested!  Absolutely brilliant, late, but brilliant...!

TTFN amigos

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