Monday, November 28, 2011

Hóla amigos,

Probably shouldn't be Blogging right now, just been reading my Blog from 2 years ago this month, and December and was just getting into January when I realised this self infliction of pain is, probably stupid? Reading about those last months of my Mom's life, are seriously not the life and times my Mom would want me to remember!  But I cannot keep away, I had even checked out her place on google maps again, did it the other week, what's the matter with me??

All the change that's going on now for me I guess, the move, different direction on the path of my life.  These boxes!  Will be glad in a way when they're gone, the house will be empty I know, and we will be left with the bare minimum, in fact just the way the first few months were, a couple of sets of cutlery, few kitchen cookware bits, few clothes... Ending here how it began, and at Christmas too, no tree, no decs, this time no Mom.

No cards for anyone this year either I am sorry to say... Next year yes! So bare with us on the card front!

Reading your comments too from two years ago, once more, I have to say, thank you, thank you, those words helped me so much, and my Mom, when she would ask if there were any messages on my Blog or Twitter!!!

Think I really should close this now, give my self a shake down, and get a cup of tea, sorry for being so melancholy....



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Anonymous said...

Hi Marian, there is a reason for everything in life, this change will be for the better, time is a healer and mum will be looking down on you and will be with you all the way.

lots of love


Marian said...

Maria, thank you, love and hugs mazzyxxxxx