Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another book to do now, about a Teddy Bear that tells the time.... Will be typing it out over the next few days, and hopefully latest mid week it will be 'live' on Kindle!  Going great guns now, kindletastic!

Been a frustrating week thus far, the boxes for boxing up the house, [as if it were that easy!], that should have come last Wednesday will be here tomorrow now, I do know its early, but its not going to be easy to do it all in only two weeks!  Worse as I have been known to pack everything up at least a good month in advance!!  And when it arrives, its all unpacked in a matter of a couple of days likewise!

Anyway.... Also been trying to move on the Welsh Dresser, a neighbour is having it from us, but has it been easy to get it gone? Nope!  Trying to find a man with a van, who actually answers the phone, calls back or can do it immediately there is not!

Thankfully we have found someone now, probably should have called him first, but wasn't up to me... so I did take over today and its sorted, for Friday!  So we shall have 50 or more boxes and the Welsh Dresser to fight with in the living room!!! Mmmmmm!!!

I did something so funny, but not really!!  I was filling out an on line application for a job website, I had to put in an open letter.... well! Whata mistake'a to make'a!!!

I wrote the letter, sent the letter, received a copy in my in box and woah! OMG.... I didn't write Dear Sir....

I had written Dear Sire !!!!  Well as a facebook friend said, if I am applying to Kings of old for a job as a servant, all well and good, but in the 21st century?? oh dear what a typo to make to a job firm!!

Oh well, they will either see the funny side or think I am especially subservient!!!! Not!

Rains looks imminent again,  hope it stays off long enough for me to get everything out of the cave, another reason I really wanted the boxes now, so everything I have doesn't get ruined by water!!  Once I have the cave empty is can rain all it wants.... well maybe not eh!

Ah ha.... got the name of the Artist went to the other week in Marbella... Its Don Clarke!

Polar Bear Tales

Its getting cold at night, thank fully I have a lovely warm duvet, and my hot water bottle,  microwaveable! Whatever next!! and waking up with it stone cold next to me isn't very nice, like a cold dead fish!!!

And on that note!


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