Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well organised the removal of our Welsh Dresser, phoned to let her know and oh surprise surprise, she had changed her mind, worried it would be difficult to paint behind????  Well I guess that can be said for all furniture, period!

So I was a happy bunny, had to call the guys back to cancel the removal I had just booked with them!  He suggested I try a fb flog it site, so I went straight on it, posted a photo, and it looks like its sold, again, its for Thursday, so lets all keep our fingers crossed please!

Because the boxes came on Wednesday and today I started packing, they are taking everything away in two weeks, and I can't just sit here looking at them, so today, had a nice morning around town, wandered into lots of the shops, beautiful day, warm in the sun, a pleasure to be alive!  Then I came home and began the beguine....Mmmmm just googled exactly what 'beguine' means and it means white lady in Creole language! So no I just started packing actually!

And I stopped for a bit of lunch, started again, kept telling myself to stop, relax, leave it!! And I did, eventually, 18 boxes are standing here, so the living room looks like a warehouse now!

I have numbered the boxes and written what's in them on in notebook!

I now have two kindle books pending to publish, have to edit and type out the first, the second, another cartoon book, I have scanned but need to change in order to be able to publish it...

Hate sitting in this disarray, its like having an untidy desk at work, too much mess, makes my head messy inside!  I may go to the market in the morning, either that or I will start work on the rest of the packing and be shattered by midday.... and ill all week!

So adieu my friends for now...


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