Friday, November 04, 2011

Photos I have taken near our house.
The Santa Vera Cruz to the right here. 

Rainy day today, had a pyjama day! Or would have had I not suddenly remembered something very important I had to do in town at 11:30am, but was back home, before the rain started again too much, my tea was still warm!

The corner of the Ayuntamiento [townhall]
Fun in the bank while I was there... Only one bank person, in the bank, line of five or six of us waiting, la la la, and waiting, when there was a *toot, toot* out side and the man, the only person working in the bank, left the building!  Yes he left the building amigos!  Came back in a moment later with a brown package which he took to a room behind the desks, where you could hear a bit of noise as he put it away, somewhere, then he came back out!!!

And the old pillars!!! Sorry, I mean Roman Columns!
I defrosted the freezer today too, I thought what the heck, plenty of water outside, might as well flood the kitchen as well!  And flood it did, amazing how much water comes out of these things, it wasn't over iced, just 'normal', I thought rain water had come into the kitchen, somehow, then realised it was from the freezer, finding its way out of the door and into the outside passage way!  I always forget the floor in the kitchen has a, so subtle you don't notice it, tilt to allow any water to leave the house quickly!  Same in the lounge too, to allow any flooding out the front door! Very handy, if needed!

This week I am been trying to better the cartoon books on the Kindle, not happy until I get it right, the newest book, The Sneezing Whale, came out so well, I up dated Santa's Pipe Dream, and its so much more professional now! As of course, it should be!

The cartoon books I am finding harder, they will not translate to HTML, so having to use .doc.... oh its just not easy, but so much better now, going to re-do one, one more time, and perfecto mes amis!

Watched a couple of programs that I had missed, on too late for me, wonder how long it will take me to get used to London time?  When I was there for two months last year, I still couldn't... I guess though because of calling home, here, that is.

I watched a BBC2 program called Brains, from the Origins series, fantastic, learned alot, never too old to learn it seems!  Or maybe I did learn it, but forgot it? Yes that must be it!

Don't look back, your not going that way...
c/o a Twitter friend



Anonymous said...

Hi Marion

Forgot to ask you when you are moving back to UK also have you heard anything about Ted since he got married I have phoned him a couple of times but no answer

Chrissie x x

Marian said...

Chrissie... Hi ya, in February, 2012! Our friends who live opposite Ted are away at the moment too, will find out when I am next in contact, but keep trying, he is still there... take care, mxxxx