Thursday, May 31, 2012

Castle on the hill, mountain, overlooking The Gower peninsular...

Made a load of notes this morning, keep forgetting what I want to say!  Too tired, too many headaches, again, too many pain killers and just too much in my head to remember stuff!!
Now, when I was in the back of the garden the other weekend now already, as I peered through, trying to see Pippa on the upper, well lower from up the there[!!!] I felt like Lucy in Narnia, looking back for the lamp post so she could find her way home!  Did I tell you that at the time??

Today, or yesterday on TV a guy was talking about bad substances in some alcohol found in stores, ripping people off, money wise, but also health wise, and one of the vodkas had chloroform in its contents!!  Which can effect kidneys liver etc, I remembered the month and year I bought some strong cough medicine which contained chloroform, it worked!

This week got book number 29 out for Peter Maddocks... 29! Can't believe it, another one on its way now!  All on the PublishedByMe site over there  -> -> ->

Apparently those brambles in our garden are actually blackberries!  Wonderful, one of my favourite fruits!  I'll always remember the pallet of them I bought on the day my Mom passed away, yes, blackberries in March!!!  They were imported from 'somewhere', and tasted absolutely revolting!
Yesterday we went to the big car boot sale market, to see a guy with a stall there, who wasn't there last Sunday, and again not there!  Couldn't believe the amount of people there, on a week day!  Been getting a bit empty on a Sunday but only one stall covered over, yes, the one I wanted!  Anyway, there were even stalls outside, massive!  After we left the market we popped into the auction rooms next door, they hold an auction every other week, lots of art there, I am sorry, they called it the art section, I thought it was absolute rubbish!!  And it seriously was!!  Its not that I'm just picky, but really, if those paintings and print they had there sold I would be shocked!  They had tonnes of furniture, I, of course, would fall in love with one particular piece, it was an Art Deco dressing table, oh it really was beautiful, stylised mirror, the curve of the table, the shape of the sides, it curved round gently, I pulled on the handle at the top of the side part and the whole side came out magically, revealing four or five shelves as deep as the table, so once pulled out, you see everything there, perfect for us ladies!  And this was the same of course for the other side of the dressing table, then there were 3 regular drawers at the front, and a small narrow curved drawer for jewellery beneath the mirror...  So I guess you can tell I loved this!

Goodness knows what price it went for, Franco thought about 50quid probably, you might be thinking the same, but I google'd similar items once back to the house, and some sell for hundreds of pounds! 

The rest of the goods at the auction were whatever, but something really awful hit me walking around there, on the tables, were boxes of bits, each with its own Lot number, per box, and I suddenly saw each box for what it really was, people had died and they're loved and now forgotten collections were in boxes and being roughly handled, turned through, picked and scoffed at, by total strangers, and in these boxes were peoples lives... and let me tell you, broken down like this in Lots, they looked so sad, men, mostly were picking up, looking in, rifling through, looking for that one thing, maybe, that would make it worth their while bidding on it, because whatever else might be in the box was nothing to anyone but their previous owner...

Then I imagines my Mom's things we had taken to an auction, and I could see them, like this, strangers with their hands in my Mom's things... it made me very sad.  If my sons are reading this, if you end up with boxes of my things, sometime, please don't take them to an auction... Don't care what you do with it, but not there, to be handled by uncaring strangers...

I've had a headache for the past two days, I think now, its either because we need a thunder storm to break the humidity or the Italian nougat cake I made the other day, had to whip up the egg whites, and realised I don't have an electric whipper thing any more so had to try to do it by hand, bad idea, think I did my neck in!

Fingers crossed I won't wake up with it still in the morning!


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