Saturday, May 19, 2012

This a Blog of trees!  Full of trees, at last today, after 3 months, I have finally made it to the end of the garden here!  I was waiting for the blue bells to go, well die back a little, I didn't want to squish them!  Got back from town this morning, and I donned my wellington boots, one gardening glove, [don't ask!] made my way to the furthest point I had gone before, quite a few times to take photos of the blue bells!  Then it was onwards and upwards!

Top photo of course is the wall! I at last reached it, but it was too tall for me, must have been well over six foot as I reached my camera up to take a photo over the top of it, but couldn't quite make it! Just great photo of the top of the wall!  And very nice it was too!

Next photo is the other side of the big tree with the blue bells now fading fast around its lower bows... the ground was a bit dodgy here, the dying blue bells all laid flat and like a skid pan to walk on, then it was uphill all the way...

Above is looking down again from near the top, looks like nothing is below doesn't it?  Bit strange that, but by here it really is well above town, the house just on the other side of the wall is called Seaview...

Still trying to make my way upwards, I had to keep changing direction, I had a really long stick, that I was using as a walking stick, or balance stick, and then I had a short stubby stick, that really looked pointless but now and again when I needed it it was quite handy being so low to the ground!

It was all ivy above, with loads of interlocking threads and strands, broken stuff, metal, glass, all sorts!  Bits of wood, not trees!  All sorts, and a pathway, that didn't seem to have been made by humans, it was very narrow and now boot prints, badger maybe? of foxes?

And the smell, beautiful wonderful smell of mulch!  the plants and undergrowth, just smell lovely to me!

I must admit I was getting worried as I climbed further up, going up is usually easier than going down for me at least!!!  And these tendrils of roots and brambles were going to trip me up!  But, as it happened, I got to the top, took a few pics and wandered up and down the length of the wall a bit, then started down, and found I went down faster than up!  I got my feel trapped several times and only kept my balance with the two sticks I had with me!

The photo above has Pippa in it!  Zoooooooom in!  Its a bit like one of those 'Where's Wally' questions about it!  She is almost centre, she has her back to the camera but her heard turned round to me!  Franco had left her up at the top patio bit, and she didn't know where to look, for him in the house, or me lost in the jungle!  arh, my baby!

And this last photo has a piece of word there that I didn't expect to see!  Do you?  Answers on a post card please....


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