Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo of Pippa, little angel asleep in the cushions!

This morning, another trip to the doctors, the only people I know are people from the job centre and the doctors, that sounds bad doesn't it!  In town later I recognised someone, another bloke from the JC, now that's two people I have seen in town I know, both from there!

Any I digress, the doctors, I have to have another blood test in three months time, and if the result comes back the same I will be officially marked as having CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease! And I will continue to be monitored, he said I could stay at stage 3 for the next 20 years, or get worse.  Anyway, there we have it!  I have a check list, take regular exercise, check!  Keep my weight down, check!  Don't smoke, check! Avoid excess salt, check! and al final, avoid excess alcohol, check!  So nothing more I can actually do...

And so moving swiftly on...  We got the train to Abertawe, [Swansea], about a ten minute journey, you know it was cheaper for a return ticket there than a single bus ticket back to Briton Ferry from Neath which takes about 3 minutes!!!

Anyway, we went to visit a friend of Franco's in the market there, Franco managed to get me to pass my favourite coffee shop brand, which meant I had a tall café latté with bread pudding in the market, and very nice too, not as nice as a friend of mine I must add, and must text him to let him know I still think his is the best!

Lots of empty shops, La Senza gone now, couldn't believe it! We were there a couple of hours I think, then back on the train to Neath, we had a stroll around the town and were on our way for a hot chocolate in a local supermarket when we were pulled off the street and into the old town hall!  A lady [promoter] asked us if we wanted to take part in a food tasting!!  So in we went and we were each seated at different tables with different ladies, who took details, went for a tray of food, brought them back then us tasters had to give our opinion on the taste!  Which we liked best, how the flavours were etc, about 6 or 7 dishes, and a drink!  It didn't take long, about 10 or 15 minutes maximum I think, they said they would be having another taste day on Monday, it would be patés, so we might be back on Monday!!!

We carried on and had chocolaté, and that was us done, and me done in!

Beautiful day today, the house was warm when we came in, wish Pip had opened the windows for us!



Carol O said...

Well, I hope the next blood test comes back clear as a mountain spring (so to speak!), but for now your news is not too bad (oh, and Pippa is so cute!).

Marian said...

Carol... thank you! Nice pun! Have a picture of Pippa and Franco asleep on the same pillow! But Franco wouldn't let me post it!! x