Sunday, August 10, 2014

Great cloud formation here... looks like a rat man diving into the deep blue skies...

Beautiful bumble bee drinking of a beautiful purple thistle...

These strange and creepy bunkers are all over the park, some open and easy to find, a lot more hidden away, follow the railway lines and each one will lead you to a tunnel or bunker, some of the ones in the woods will be harder to find, they have been left to overgrow with trees and plants, brambles and weeds live where man used to work, or hide... or kill and take... This park has a dark history, going way back when... past times of war when these bunkers were used to hide weaponry and arsenal, to times medieval when men would collect the riches from ship wrecks... ships lured onto the rocks and beaches so the cutthroats could kill and steel from the passengers and shipmates alike...

Last night watched an episode of Wales most haunted held here in Pembrey, you can let your imagine run wild watching it, getting all caught up with their built up fear... could lead to hysteria...!! We got a lost a few times in the woods, maybe actually bringing the map would have been a good idea, because there is no phone signal for internet access anyway, phone yes, text yes... but then without electric nothing nada and nowt!!!

Above the begun and unfinished work of someone... even on its own its pretty strange!! And inside some of the bunkers strange words and pictures abound... Wish we had seen the most haunted before we went! I think?  Although will see it through different eyes next time!

Oh and keep the map on me!

Above photo actually taken in Ferryside where we popped to on the Friday morning... searching for internet! Across the water, the river Towe... is Llansteffan... remember the castle were we went a couple of months ago!

Pretty weed above! lol

Just realized missing part of this Blog!  Been camping! Yes me?? Really, well... we went camping in Pembrey country park Thursday until we went on Saturday morning! I hadn't been camping since I was about 11, I am sure... not counting pitching a tent in our garden when I was still at school, hardly real camping popping back into the house for food and mom bringing out hot chocolate is it??

We had a great pitch! Nice and quiet, a few others in our field (?), who were very quiet, the night was quiet, only the night bird noises, and I was up about 6am walking Pippa in the quiet, lovely... Then Friday happened, and the nightmare began! Two awful families over the way, nice enough groups either side of us, until one of the groups decided that they wanted to hear their music and not that of a nightmare group over the way! Whose van doors were wide open to accentuate the boom boom boom of their music! They had tethered dogs, unlike their neighbors whose dogs were left to run wild...  Arrrhhhh!! Okay, enough tampin about camping!!  Needless to say the people who run the campsite had a good talk to them yesterday to fix the problems!  But too late for me! We were outta there by 10:15am! Just before the heavens opened!! Shame, because I really wanted to leave later, after the Zombie festival started at 8pm!  No seriously I did!

And also seriously tired now, the last of the music players, you could hear three different peoples playing... stopped at about 1am! And a guy over the way started calling out for their dog about 4am!!!

So tired... in fact probably feel worse today than yesterday!  And am off back to work in the morning, need to feel awake!  I actually feel like I have been gone from work for a month or more, very strange, the three weeks of my first shift went so quickly, now its down to two on and two off, even quicker!  And I promise I will Blog from work, from now on!!!  Oh and more photos posted in the morning from the camping, before I get on the M4!


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Anonymous said...

I should have come with you. I would have sorted the noise out lol. Xxxx maria xxx