Sunday, August 10, 2014

I decided also, no more shells to bring back from me, leave them where they should be from now on, all the tidying up and clearing out, the amount of stones and shells I have from all points North South East and West... Some I do remember where from, but the vast majority I know not of they're creation... So, I placed these three near each other and left them to pose there for the photo shoot, and there they remain until the water moved them again at the next tide...

Next time we will talk to the ship wreck that remains, Pippa will love it! Will need to give her some time for this! And us! Walking on sand works harder! Or should that be is harder work!

This isn't a poor photo... I stuck my size 5 and half into the shot for size comparison of the razor clam!  I wish that it was me who had come across these clams before the seagulls, tonnes of them empty of clam, can't believe so many of these are shipped away from the UK to be eaten over in Spain and Franco etc... only take a couple of minutes to cook in a nice white wine garlic and herb sauce! Very nice!

Lots too of these Dogfish on the beach, chucked back in by the fishermen apparently, they are unwanted catch!

Copied from internet... The most common and well known British shark is the dogfish, it is actually a member of the Catshark family!

Strange then I think to myself, and you - that it is not called the Catfish then??? Like other catfish?


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