Friday, August 01, 2014

Some beautiful flowers in the wood at the top of our garden... I threw the seeds of some plants up there at the end of last summer and it seems they have taken!  Beautifully!!

Above two men stepping out on the boardwalk... New Palace Pier it says behind them!  My step dad on the left!

A very early drawing of my step dads...

And a close up from my step dads painting in the George and Dragon pub in Northchurch, we noticed how is spelling of Berkhamsted was old school! *Berkhampstead... both 'p' and 'a' no longer there...

The photo I took from nearby here... may have posted this already? Or not?

I fear time is against us
Never felt like this in the past
Suddenly the future is here
And time is passing by... 
Marian Bonelli


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