Sunday, August 10, 2014

This is a view of the lake, or some it at Pembrey Country Park... as seen from the hide!  There are two of these, to watch any passing bird life!

Well, trees!! In the park!

This was a very steep walk back up from the doggy beach back up into the park... great there is a dog beach, Pippa absolutely loved running the beach, there is 7 or 8 miles of wide wonderful beach, all  hidden away by the sand dunes, lots of it for humans only of course!

Even Pippa was struggling to get up this sand hill! I'm holding her and calling mush mush! Like she is a husky! We walked miles, and we really did, ten miles on Friday! Over 22 thousands steps... so my Fitbit told me! And I know it speaks the truth!

Yesterday when we got back, we had something to eat and went back out, Pippa went up stairs, watched us from the window... and almost waved us off with glee! She must have thought let me lay down my head and sleep!!! Sleep sleep!!

This view above just made me say Cabopino!! Just so looked like the trees by the side of the beach there, I could have turned around and walked to the port there... or turned back around and been at Calahonda.... Homesick....

Beautiful beach... thats forsure....  And yesterday evening, kept thinking we were going back to it!!  I know we're only two minutes from the beach here, but I kind of felt the tent was still pitched and we were going back there, very strange, from someone who doesn't camp!!  Was so funny, got the tent up, following the instructions in the bag of the tent.. and there were more instructions!  They were sewn into the tent, and can only be read once the tent has been put up and your inside to read them!!! So that's a bit... well, rubbish!

Definitely going to invest in phone chargers, either pre charged or solar!  And another question for the sellers of tents and camping equipment... why do you stop selling it in August?  Why are toys in the shops where going out doors stuff was the week before!!  Well??


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