Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well so much for Blogging while I am away... that didn't happen now did it!?! Somehow I don't seem to have much time, which is well, how its supposed to be, considering I am working away...

I managed a bit of fb and email time first thing and last thing at night, and maybe the odd few minutes during the day, but only when everything else is done, and I am not jumping up like I have sat on a needle to do just one more thing!

The photos randomly of two very old service buses... in Berkhamsted the other Sunday, I thought people were out on a jolly, but turned out the rail service was out of action and people were having to use the bus service they put it on instead!  So that could be why people didn't wave back, or look very pleased at being waved at!!

Been a tough couple of weeks, but time flies by and I am really enjoying  the challenges every day brings, different every day!  The journey back yesterday was a nightmare on the M4, made worse by drivers with no lights on!?! What is that all about?  Heavy rain, splash back, fog and almost zero visibility at times... its almost mesmerizing like driving through snow or thick fog hours upon hours, journey took a bit longer than it should and the services were packed out!  It felt like everyone on the M4 came off it just when I did, and then back on I had to pass all those same people I had before! lol

Once over the bridge into Wales the weather improved a little but the speed limit wen down to 50! That didn't slow the journey down for most people because not many people took any notice of it!  Even on passing a completely mangled Fiat 500, and the accompanying police cars and vans... after a tail back and 2nd gear speed for half an hour prior to reaching the scene of the accident... 'they' put their right foot peddle to the metal and drove past the speed limit without a second thought it seemed!

Today been to the opticians and into Swansea, found a nice coat, going back for it soon! Just need that "time out" to decide on it!  Also needed some winter type shoes, not the fury sort, have a wonderful Uggs for cold weather, but some ankle boots sort of thing!  Walked through a tonne of shops, and decided on the cheapest pair, because they were the best!  Also wanted a handbag... don't tell Franco!  The one I am using now I bought in NY and with the cream linen I don't want it getting ruined by dirty weather! lol, if you know what I mean!  Saw a whole load of bags that were just perfect!  But did that "time out" on them, came home and resurrected an old one from five years ago! Which is now as was then, perfect!

Oh... I got bitten by a spider over night Sunday night or in the evening and I didn't notice, I have the worse horrible 'thing' on the back of my hand, it looked like a giant white spot surrounded by a red circle [infection I guess], and over the last few hours the white bit looks more like a giant white... well... thing is the only word for it! It looks revolting! lol

Our garden looks somewhat of a jungle again out there!! Brambles have taken over, the palm tree has dropped its long leaves, and the plants look... wild! Would be a good word!  But nice to come back and go blackberry picking in my own garden! Very very tasty!


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