Thursday, June 04, 2015

Came back today from a long haul at work... and wanted to grab my camera, my friend who I was walkabout with last week got me very jealous talking about hers!  Mine is pretty good, but does not do enough for me now!

I took a bunch of photos yesterday and today worked on one of those of leaves... and above is the result after some work... I kind of think it looks okay...

Drawing challenge this weekend I have already prepared, although in 'edit' to save for the day, not sure where it will pop up on my Blog, so mentioning it here in case it follows this for some reason!

But before I go and rest for the remainder of the evening, Franco did a real good job on the garden today!  A real great job!  So prior warning, the much awaited for, and aforementioned on my Blog, Hydrangea will not be blooming this year for me!  The very one that I had cut back for two years in the hedgerow, thinking it a weed, then last year being away working, it got its chance to thrive and bloom and show its beautiful face to me... and this year so far it was growing gloriously, lots of prospective blooms in progress, filling up a wonderful space to the side of the path... slaughtered, along with a thousand Venus Crocosmia... and a shrub planted last autumn... Here is my glum face :-/

Still the garden otherwise is very neat and tidy, just the life has gone, so that's that! El fin!

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Dave Jeffree said...

Oops, bad Franco x