Saturday, June 06, 2015

DC: Move

Drawing challenge this week is 'Move' thank you Katrin :-)

I was going to do stuff with this photo I caught of my son a few years ago, but I think to be honest it says it all! He was moving... and fast!! Avoiding my lens, just back from a run!

Alternatively it could have been packing boxes! Just before the men came to our house when we last moved, I took a very sad shot of the roomful of boxes!  I think I will delete that actually!

Do you remember when packing boxes were made of wood, and of course called crates!  Sharp around the metal edges, they weighed a tonne already! Splinters in hands and just too big!  Then suddenly they turned to cardboard, possible to purchase almost anywhere! And so very much easier to fill and carry in so many sizes for all needs!

I am rambling a bit today and feeling either too hot or too cold... I have had a part shift this morning, now back to relax, eat, relax... this and that, relax!!! Before back to work for afternoon/night shift, and tomorrow morning shift!  But I seem to be feeling a bit hyper, and my right eye is feeling really weird, its being effected by my cold thing, it hurts painfully when I cough and stuff and seems to be leaking... I must try that 'milk out through the eye' trick, I actually think I might be able to do that now!!  Too much information? Sorry amigos! Your probably right!!


♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

those old cases were lovely. probs too heavy to haul around these days, but charming, oh, and romantic, i find... picture is lovely. catching movement like that is always so, well, moving. n♥

Marian Bonelli said...

Thank you :-) and yes very romantic with the cases, made for days of past where travel took weeks or months, long boat journeys, or months away, where ones maid did the packing and unpacking! Now I build a story! Hah! :-)

CERULEAN said...

Ah, you've caught the move so well here!

Tammie Lee said...

how fun
this photo will always bring back memories
your son captured... moving

Lucia said...

Great catch up.

Marian Bonelli said...

Thank you everyone.... I seem to be on the move all the time! Leastways I never get the chance to gather moss! mxx

Veronica Roth said...

Love that photo of the boy! My son does that too and often because he's had the camera pointed at him practically every day of his life. Sometimes he ignores it and sometimes he's a total pain about it.
Ugh, hate that eye thing. I get that sometimes too. Do you ever get that eye lid twitch (when just one part of it starts to twitch like crazy) Drives me mad. I heard that vitamin B sorts the twitch out, but I take a B complex every day and it still happens. Go figure.